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Foxhole 0.0.13 Release Notes

New Content

  • New Item: Shotgun

  • New Item: Buckshot (Shotgun Ammo)

  • New Item: Field Artillery

  • New Item: Field Artillery Shell

  • New Item: Technology Part

  • New Resource: Technology Part Node

  • New Vehicle: Field Artillery

Gameplay Changes

  • Technology Levels

  • Vehicle Factory can now be upgraded to Tech. Level 2

  • Tech. Parts must be salvaged and submitted to structures

  • Players will collapse and be stunned for a moment if they run out of stamina while encumbered

  • Items can no longer be transferred out of the Outpost in large quantities

  • Binoculars now show distance

  • Trucks can be locked/unlocked from the outside

  • Trucks must be unlocked before access is allowed

Game Balance

  • SMG damage per shot increased by 13%

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that caused Trucks to vanish if driver is kicked from the server

  • Fixed bug that caused War Correspondent to misreport which faction had their Outpost destroyed

  • Fixed bug that causes Heavy Gate to seemingly open/close randomly

  • Fixed exploit that allows players to build Outposts inside the mountain collision bounds

  • Minimap icons are now centered (instad of being offset)

Other Changes

  • Internal adjustments to vote kick mechanism

  • Many icons have had a visual refresh

Other Changes

  • Field Artillery can be fired awhile moving

  • Field Artillery can be mounted from prone position

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Field Artillery is only available after upgrading the Vehicle Factory to technology level 2. This is a collaborative process that may take many hours.

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