Community Highlights 78

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Hello Soldiers,

So I took last week off to work on bathroom renovation project my wife and I have been planning for a while. My first day away I thought, Sure, i'll just check my discord messages. No harm in that. What I found was 80 messages waiting for me. I closed discord. And I didn't open it again for the whole damn week.

For those who are new to the game, the following is a collection of work collected from the community on our discord and reddit. Take a gander.

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Monday, Oct 28, 2019. Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible.



By: Patchouli

This is some incredible art by patchouli. I didn't want to put them all in one slideshow because of how many, and how awesome they are. But this one is by far my favourite.

By: Milkydromeda

I love the world map on his chest. Talk about giving away valuable intel though.

By: Wren

Very style.

By: Red Donut

There's a video to go with this piece, showing him drawing it. It's further down. Looks great. Love the detail that went into the mech itself. Must have been a pain to get it looking so close to the actual.

By: Patchouli

This is a slideshow. Don't miss them. Click the right arrow to see the rest.

By: Berkley Toreno

Heheheheheehehe.... love these. Looks so much like its own game.

By: Patchouli

I think he's dreaming of a tank. It's not actually a tank rolling through the hospital.

By: Berkley Toreno

I actually really like the biplane look. If we ever had planes in foxhole I would want to see something like this in some capacity...

By: Panzer4WithAKeyholeTurtleneck

Panzer put these together by mashing together different assets from our game. Pretty cool to see. Especially love how he's trying to piece together the broken planes. Lol

By: Mummy

That's an onion she's holding, right?

By: Patchouli

I don't know why but I get this distinct feeling that this was attached to a story. I feel like i've seen it somewhere, and read it before... but I can't place it.

By: Mummy

You forgot, "Where's the frontline?"

By: Rickery

AHHH NOT THE FACE. No touching of the hair or face!

By: Liamboss01

The ultimate procrastination tool. Honestly there's such a struggle involved with this image. Here you have a student, forced to take a math class, so bored or behind in their studies that they've resorted to drawing pictures on their calculator. An artist, by any other name, trapped inside the rigid confines of the system, fighting, silently, to be free. To express. So powerful.

By: Eagle18101

He ded.

By: Janeza

Colonials vs. Zombies. Wardens aren't even a consideration.

By: Eagle18101

This is how I imagine it playing out in my head every time I go to do partisan. Reality is, I sit in a bush, and right after I take the first shot the truck veers offroad and runs me over.

By: Wren

And here we have a typical Collie. Nothing unusual about him at all.

By: Puckeater38

Nice scale. This looks a lot like our normal light tank though doesn't it? Except you have a colonial turret on top

By: TrishaTheOwl

I think this is Trisha who altered your design a little. Cool to see you guys iterating off each other

By: Bobboy

These are those little trains that run on the small tracks that connect major supply roads to trenches. In case any of you were wondering

By: Starwarss

New clan?

By: Wolfie

Lol. Could you imagine if we did this in real life? As a Canadian, my uniform would have a giant red maple leaf right in the middle of my chest like a bullseye.