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Community Highlights 51

Hello Soldiers!

Sorry for being a little late on this one. Youll excuse me because I was busy running around Seattle setting stuff up for our PAX party, and certainly not enjoying myself on the show floor playing games. I'm way more responsible than that. As evidenced by this perfect Community Highlights that I put together for you here today. Loads and loads of Colonial propaganda. I wonder if the recent trend has anything to do with the current progress of the war.... hmm...

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Tuesday, Sept 4, 2018. Anything submitted after this date will be considered for the next post.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!



By: Balucha

I really love that beanie. I want that as a cosmetic item for Foxhole. And the watch. How cool would it be if you could loot a battlefield and take someone's watch, like that one scene in Band of Brothers.... that would be so cool.


By: Maybar66

A quick little rendering of Fisherman's Row. This map hasn't seenany love in quite a while, but maybe... maybe it should.


By: Freerk

Inspired by Roy Lichtenstein, This is Freerk's addition to the challenge issued by Matt on the last dev stream to show Thea Maro, the Colonial counterpart to Callahan


By: Insanity

I like them little spikes on the back of the turret. And the mailbox. Gotta have that mailbox.


By: AnPanzer

Let me give a definitive statement about planes, because you all seem so taken with them, and because these drawings are excellent. Okay. Here goes. There will never, ever be planes in foxhole; until there are. Thank you.


By: Padfoot

Stickin' his nose where it don't belong. Silly Wally, always gettin' into trouble.


By: Peregrine

I can't help but notice the graph paper. What is it about graph paper that makes me think this doodle was done in math class? But really, looks really good. I like the attention to detail on the tracks.


By: Fennecky

This isn't really foxhole related, but since it was for one of our discord mods' avatars I think that sorta counts.


Funny Stuff

By: TheHoodiedThief

LOL.... this.


By: Padfoot

Finally a comic I can really relate to.


By: Padfoot

Better get that checked out. Your heart should definitely not become more smudged over time.


By: AhegaoFace

Foxhole is a team-based game with realistic physics. How dare you insinuate anything but.


By: PoweredUpPenguin

Why just one door?


By: A.Soldier

Tfw not sure if mocking the neutrals..... or smokeage....


By: Conscript

Poor Satan.


By: A.Soldier

For the last time Clint its called the Umbral Wildwood. Yes I understand that it's on the east coast, that doesn't make it the Eastwood.


By: Pikachu

I want this as a beanbag chair


By: A Talking Cucumber

It's like you're not even trying anymore...



By: Park

Park taking that Warden-biased community highlights post a few weeks ago very seriously... dropping a whole set of these.


By: Klaus von Reinherz

A whole bunch of 82DK batallion badges. I would love to see this sort of thing in game.


By: Insanity

This is really clean. I want to say that's a real outline of the colonial light tank, but I can't be sure. Well done.


By: ElvenGhost

ElvenGhost joins Park in the propaganda office.


By: Hateball-Kanex

Nice to see the CAW propaganda machine still churning at full speed.


By: Hateball-Kanex

The pose on this guy is like that stormtrooper 'Not Clear!' meme. Do it, please.


By: Freedor21

Colonial high command would have just gassed them anyway, the cowards.


By: Chess Hustler

Join Vox! Free Punch and Pie!


By: America

I like the screenshots used for these, alot. But I hate the font.... a lot. If you start using Comic Sans I'm going to flip a table.


By: A.Soldier

Warden flags! Finally some Warden stuff for this highlight.


War Stories - World Conquest #14

The Offensive of August 22-23, 2018

The following appeared in a Guerrilla Engineering information bulletin today:

An amazing job to everyone who took part in the offensive of August 22nd. For those not involved, though, here's a quick recap of events.

A.S.S launched an assault into Umbral Wildwoods, distracting the enemy forces with an attack into their home region. The Colonial reaction was immense, and Warden forces not only distracted them but defeated them in open battle. In one particularly dramatic event Wardens held Foundry against a fully supplied armoured push using nothing but their wits and a copious amount of RPGs, inflicting at least five enemy tank kills and the destruction of a field artillery while enemy infantry panicked.

96PR did what I told them was impossible and not only established naval superiority over the West coast and Oarbreaker but maintained that dominance for hours on end with consistently high player counts. If the Colonials had ever tried to field a naval reaction to the events of the day they would have found all their ports in ruin and Warden gunboats on the prowl.

82DK led a coalition attack into Northern Farranac, capturing Iuxa and Mara to secure the Eastern bridge in the region. All the while, though, the 82's Death Riders had gone full Pointe du Hoc on a cliff face at the Jade Cove, securing the second bridge and allowing 96th to move their gunboats into the river in support of the land assault. In this way Huskhollow, a citadel of a town awash with tier three walls which had turned the last 82DK invasion attempt, was surrounded and taken.

82 and their allies then set sights on the Southern side of the river. Led by the Death Riders, they ignored the defence-laden bridges and ferried their forces around by sea to continue a lightning push which would see the capture of the entire region.

(Image courtesy of =TSC= Alpmert)

But the push did not stop there. Now poised on the flank of the bloody Colonial bridge push in the central region, the Warden coalition moved into Deadlands from the West to completely bypass the frontline. With our troops taking Liberation Point, the Colonials which had expended mass resources to push on Abandoned Ward found themselves suddenly unable to defend their gains. Some tried to resist, but Ward was retaken from both sides and the Colonial occupiers smashed between the hammer and the anvil.

With the main battlefronts in Deadlands won the drive south was easy. Our enemy was in disarray and constantly rolled back, never organizing in time to stop the combined forces which had arrived from all directions. Still many were tied up in Umbral, trying to dislodge the Warden presence in their home region, and were kept out of the fight which mattered most.

When August 22 for me ended our combined forces, including many clans not not even noted here, were pushing into the upper part of Heartlands with a force of captured Colonial vehicles. While the enemy had recovered from their shock by this point and the push was ultimately unsuccessful, it took a war which could have gone any way fast and turned it in our favour. Our forces maintained their initiative as long as possible, and we will never need to ask ourselves if we could have done even more.

GE, of course, had a very small combat presence. However, we proudly supplied the tanks used on every frontline from A.S.S in Umbral to 82DK in Farranac to even the randoms playing a delaying action around Abandoned Ward. Thanks to all the members and militia who came on days in advance to prepare the resources in anticipation of this, and for the awesome 82DK support in making up for personnel shortages to actually produce the tanks. Instead of the 50 tanks with 20 shells each we ended up with 34 tanks, the ones going to clans mostly having 40 shells and the ones to randoms with 20.

By: Admiral Wilson

I love seeing multiple clans coordinating together. And then the images and report later that detail it. This is excellent.



Yesterday I was the lead guy on field artillery gun, we were doing our job, chewing through defenses on an armoured assault, then our infantry screen fell apart somehow,without warning, and a brave soldier flanked my gunner. I pulled out my SMG and got the dirty collie. I got back on the gun and yelled for new gunner. Some poor sucker got on, went ahead a few feet, and a shotgunner hit him. Another guy jumped on as we yelled for support. We shelled their home base with fire all around. We got flanked again and before I could yell "RPG!" my gunner fell to a well placed rocket. Just a few more shells and their base would be down. Yelling for support again a halftrack came and covered our flank. But our men were falling left and right and no one was able to get on my gun. WHAT TO DO? So I ran around to the other side of the gun and threw a round in the chamber hoping the rpg didnt blow the guns aim off, as it takes 2 men to aim. FIRE! Screamed the spotter. BOOM a shell flew out. "ON TARGET! FIRE FOR EFFECT!" Shell after shell screamed out until I heard the words I needed to hear "FOB DOWN!" .



I arrived where I thought they'd be staging the battle but soon realized I was far from home -and darn was it cold. So I grabbed some kit and headed north west. I could hear the preparation chatter over coms. At the halfway mark I started to doubt myself... should I have returned home and taken the troop train; would I miss being apart of the historic battle? Damn this gas mask made it hard to breathe and harder to think! The chatter continued unabated, at least I had this radio which brought my comrades close to me, in spirit through their voices. The crews were firing up their tanks. Damn these legs of mine. "Go faster!" I begged them. What was that in the distance... a truck! Oh the luck, I ran to it even faster, to the point my stamina felt it would falter. I hesitated as I reach for the handle, would it be locked, out of fuel, would it start? The door opened! I tried the key... Success! Now I could make it in time if i could follow the map. I check my compass one last time and set off. Then a casual remark changed my day. "Where are the Bmats?" I heard over the secure channel. "Theres no mats, what the hell!" The cussing reached an inferno of epic proportions. I stopped the truck immediately.. Did I dare try my luck one last time? I jumped out and ran to the back, pulling the damp canvas to the side and peered into the darkness, waiting for my eyes to adjust. "If only we had a flare gun, I could see in this infernal blackness" I thought to myself, well knowing I'd never see one in this war. My pupils dilated and my eyes widened.... It was full to the brim with shining materials!

I said a silent prayer of thanks and ran to the cab, grabbed the mic fumbling for words "I.. I..." I collected myself, threw my gas mask to the side and transmitted: "I've got a truck full of basics enroute for the staging area. ETA 2 minutes." Elated I put the stiff pedal down to the cold metal, full of pride as I fell into column behind the rolling tanks.

By: Blackmeowmeow

And the cheering you get when those much needed supplies arrive is such a great feeling.


Colis were pushing the bridge into the southern side of vulpine. We had a token force pushing the west bridge. As the fighting gets turned up on the southern bridge we get a notification that we just teched motors. Under the constant howi shelling from the wardens we are able to push to the warden side of the bridge. When the bridge is down we have a couple barges on standby to Ferry troops and armor across. While the builders get them back up. Once mortars arrive we push the wardens out of endless. I take 4 guys with mortars and my barge to weathered just to give the wardens something to be distracted by while the rest of our force secures endless. We take out two forts. Thinking the wardens would respond quickly we just scout for 15 minutes. When no response is seen we Go investigate one of the forts. Find a unlocked CV with b mats. We rebuild the fort and gain a foot hold in weathered.

By: ElvenGhost

You ferried troops across?? Like multiple trips? That's awesome!


Demons of the Expanse (FICTION)

It was cold night in the Weathered Expanse, and our very breath and sweat froze as it left our bodies. Our naval borne armored personnel carriers broke the thin layers of ice as we descended on the frozen beaches. The Warden homeland was cold, even for Colonial veterans that had trained in every climate on the planet. As we approached the insertion point, shivers that had nothing to do with the cold shook our bodies; We knew the ferocity of the Wardens, and knew that once we drew blood in their territory, they would expend anything and everything they could to get rid of us. We knew the risks, and we knew our mission: disrupt enemy supply lines, and kill everything that stands in our way.

And, we did. We slaughtered any warden that stood before us. "No, let them bleed," became a common practice and saying. For eight days, we were untouchable. From the combat personnel that signed up for it, to the truck drivers that had barely ever held a weapon; we killed them without honor, and without remorse. We exterminated the dogs that dared to defy us of our mission, that dared to challenge the mercenary death squad that was XOF. We erected walls that were unbreakable, and defenses that were unwavering, guarded by men that feared nothing.

Wave after wave approached us; mortar teams, infantry with breach and clear tactics, armored cars: we killed them all, and felt glory in each kill. Our defenders relished in every pathetic attempt to breach our walls, and our hunter teams stalked, murdered, and stole whatever they wanted. We had become demons.

Then, as most things do, something broke within us. Some combination of fatigue, mental stress, and momentary lack of judgement led us to miss a desperate mortar crew south of us. We had few men left, and the last ones we had rushed out to fight the attackers. As I tried to hold on to the last of our defenses, I heard their last cries in a flurry of gunfire. I was alone, and had no way to fight the bulk of the warden army. The heart of our base, our stockpile, our last supply of weapons and ammo, was burning in front of me. My brothers were defeated on the battlefield, as any true warrior should be, and yet I remained, bloody from over a week of combat and fighting. I ran around our base, scavenging as many stray weapons and ammo as I could. I had an entire fortress at my disposal, but walls of stone will fall without blood and bone. I pushed my scavenged stockpile aside and ran to see what the wardens had outside our walls. "My god." An army of men, wearing blue and blood stood as daunting as our walls; The look on their faces were that of anger, and fear. They knew the men we had killed: their brothers, their fathers, their sons. They knew we were weak, and I knew my time was nearing its end. A sudden rush of defiance flew through me, and I stood upon our walls I screamed the last words I would ever say that would reach another human's ears: "I AM ALL THAT REMAINS OF MY MEN. EACH OF THEM HAVE FALLEN VALIANTLY, UNLIKE THE WARDEN ROACHES WE HAVE SQUASHED. I HAVE NO BACKUP, NO DEFENSES. I FEAR NO MAN, I FEAR NO GOD." And with all the power my diaphragm could muster, with every ounce of my soul, I belted to the wardens, "COME AT ME, IF YOU DARE."

Their armored cars revved and sputtered, and began to advance at the orders of their commissar, and their infantry and mortars began their assault, screaming war cries and profanity. For hours I held out on that hill. Armored cars fell to sustained fire, and infantry perished left and right, as if being willed to death. If I saw them, they fell. In those last hours, I fought for no one but myself. I fought for me.The last weapon I had clicked in my hands, as I realized I had fired my absolute last bullet and shell. I had nothing left to throw at my enemy, and still, my enemy advanced, backed by the full support of their supply network. As I climbed from my foxhole my body was cut in half by a warden armored car. As I lay there, dying in the snow, my last breath could almost be considered a laugh. The now blurry wardens passed me in a rage, searching for the last vestiges of our fortress, demanding blood. I looked up at the brightening sky, and only wish I could have seen the sun rise one last time. I died a demon, and should I meet the devil in a few moments, I will meet him as a warrior. Glory to the Velian.

By: RuleTheSkies

... and then you respawned. Heh. But no really, great story. Enjoyed the description of the Colonials entering the alien warden homeland.



By: Freerk

One of the first foxhole videos I made was to this song! So perfect for this game.


By: I Saw A Bear

God those rocks look so good....... the video too. But the rocks.... dayum.


By: I Saw A Bear

Update video -- 0.16, where we introduce trainable pets, in-game trading cards, daily quests, and also none of those things! Just watch the video!


By: Invisible

Wow, that lag at the end doe...


By: Timberwolf

Hahahaha, oh poor Bannon... Someone find the clip of his reaction..


By: Timberwolf

I hope that bug got fixed with the state refactoring. That's brutal.


By: Spcscarface

Accurate depiction of my entire career playing foxhole


By: Razzoorr

"Fun with the 82DK" -- yes, yes pushing that artillery piece across 3 maps accurately reflects what I imagine 82DK to be doing most wars.


By: 2foul

APC Pirates! Gets me everytime..


I think one day I'd like to print out every propaganda poster ever created, and make a wallpaper out of them. Just plaster my whole house with community-made posters so that when my fiance came home and saw it you would hardly notice the blood smeared across every wall. And she thinks I'm not considerate of her feelings.



By: ExistentialCrisis


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