Community Highlights 51

Hello Soldiers!

Sorry for being a little late on this one. Youll excuse me because I was busy running around Seattle setting stuff up for our PAX party, and certainly not enjoying myself on the show floor playing games. I'm way more responsible than that. As evidenced by this perfect Community Highlights that I put together for you here today. Loads and loads of Colonial propaganda. I wonder if the recent trend has anything to do with the current progress of the war.... hmm...

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By: Balucha

I really love that beanie. I want that as a cosmetic item for Foxhole. And the watch. How cool would it be if you could loot a battlefield and take someone's watch, like that one scene in Band of Brothers.... that would be so cool.

By: Maybar66

A quick little rendering of Fisherman's Row. This map hasn't seenany love in quite a while, but maybe... maybe it should.

By: Freerk

Inspired by Roy Lichtenstein, This is Freerk's addition to the challenge issued by Matt on the last dev stream to show Thea Maro, the Colonial counterpart to Callahan

By: Insanity

I like them little spikes on the back of the turret. And the mailbox. Gotta have that mailbox.

By: AnPanzer

Let me give a definitive statement about planes, because you all seem so taken with them, and because these drawings are excellent. Okay. Here goes. There will never, ever be planes in foxhole; until there are. Thank you.

By: Padfoot

Stickin' his nose where it don't belong. Silly Wally, always gettin' into trouble.

By: Peregrine

I can't help but notice the graph paper. What is it about graph paper that makes me think this doodle was done in math class? But really, looks really good. I like the attention to detail on the tracks.

By: Fennecky

This isn't really foxhole related, but since it was for one of our discord mods' avatars I think that sorta counts.

Funny Stuff

By: TheHoodiedThief

LOL.... this.

By: Padfoot

Finally a comic I can really relate to.

By: Padfoot

Better get that checked out. Your heart should definitely not become more smudged over time.

By: AhegaoFace

Foxhole is a team-based game with realistic physics. How dare you insinuate anything but.

By: PoweredUpPenguin

Why just one door?

By: A.Soldier

Tfw not sure if mocking the neutrals..... or smokeage....

By: Conscript

Poor Satan.

By: A.Soldier

For the last time Clint its called the Umbral Wildwood. Yes I understand that it's on the east coast, that doesn't make it the Eastwood.

By: Pikachu

I want this as a beanbag chair

By: A Talking Cucumber

It's like you're not even trying anymore...


By: Park

Park taking that Warden-biased community highlights post a few weeks ago very seriously... dropping a whole set of these.

By: Klaus von Reinherz

A whole bunch of 82DK batallion badges. I would love to see this sort of thing in game.

By: Insanity

This is really clean. I want to say that's a real outline of the colonial light tank, but I can't be sure. Well done.

By: ElvenGhost

ElvenGhost joins Park in the propaganda office.

By: Hateball-Kanex

Nice to see the CAW propaganda machine still churning at full speed.

By: Hateball-Kanex

The pose on this guy is like that stormtrooper 'Not Clear!' meme. Do it, please.

By: Freedor21