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Foxhole 0.0.31 Release Notes

We will be rolling out the update to servers in stages in the next 24 hours. Servers that have not been updated yet will appear greyed out in the server browser. During the rollout period, you can still access the 0.0.30 client by switching to the "0.0.30" branch on Steam via the "Betas" properties tab.​

There are quite a few known issues in this update. Please see "Known Issues" section below for details.

New Content

  • New Structure: Sunken Pillbox

  • An automatically retracting turret, resistant to damage when not engaging an enemy

  • New Structure: Tunnel Network

  • Tunnel node used to supply passive defense structures.

  • New Resource/Item: Sulfur

  • Sulfur that can be refined into Explosive Material at a Manufacturing Plant

  • New Item: Explosive Material

  • Resource used for producing heavy explosive weapons.

Gameplay Features & Changes

  • Foxhole, Pillbox, Gun Turret, Bunker, Sunken Pillbox, and Town Garrisons must be built within the vicinity of a Tunnel Network structure to have an active AI

  • Tunnel Networks must be connected to a Town Hall or Outpost to be active

  • If passive defense structure gets disconnected from an active Tunnel Network, the AI will become inactive after 10 minutes (See Known Issues below for a bug with Town Garrisons)

  • Maximum of 3 players can work on a build site without diminishing returns

  • Foxhole, Pillbox, Gun Turret, and Sunken Pillbox are now hidden by line of sight for enemies

  • Joining a faction that has 15 or more players than the other will not be allowed (in all cases now)

  • Manufacturing Plant, Medical Lab, Weapon Factory, Workshop, and Supply Station in non-starter towns start destroyed (in all cases now)

  • Endless Shore design changes

Game Balance

  • Satchel Charge cost changed to 20 Basic Materials and 30 Explosive Materials

  • Sticky Bomb cost changed to 5 Basic Materials and 10 Explosive Materials

  • Rpg Ammo cost changed to 4 Basic Materials and 8 Explosive Materials

  • Mortar Ammo cost changed to 4 Basic Materials and 8 Explosive Materials

  • Field Artillery Ammo cost changed to 10 Basic Materials and 20 Explosive Materials

  • Howitzer Ammo cost changed to 6 Basic Materials and 6 Explosive Materials

  • Pillbox cost changed from 125 to 115 Basic Materials

  • Outpost cost increased from 350 to 450 Basic Materials

  • Frag Grenade damage radius increased by 22%

  • Mortar mininum ranged increased by 200% and maximum range increased by 30%

  • Mortar now requires Technology Level 3

  • Armory can now be upgraded to Technology Level 3

  • Hammer and Pistol can now be stockpiled

  • 50% reduction in chance to yield Technology Parts (previously only for event wars and conquest mode) is now in effect for all wars

Other Changes

  • Full visual refresh of character models

  • Full visual refresh of faction logos

  • Forward direction of Chainlink Fence build ghost is visually clearer

  • Players that are dealing an excessive amount of friendly damage are identified in the chat log

Major Bug Fixes

  • Truck passengers no longer die when going over certain terrain or bridges

  • Offline character model no longer picks up decals like dirt paths

  • Night reflections now render properly

  • Fixed potential server crash when exiting vehicles

  • Keyboard bindings will no longer be broken for new key actions

Known Issues

  • Certain materials/textures may appear darker than normal due to a bug in our lighting pipeline

  • Garrison Houses AI remains active even after being disconnected from a Tunnel Network

  • Sunken Pillbox will not acquire visible targets upon being connected to a Tunnel Network (target must leave visible area and return)

  • Faction icons are not updated on the player screen


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