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For the last 2 years, a small part of the Foxhole team has been quietly working on an experimental server technology platform. The goal of the project is to push the limits of dense massively multiplayer experiences. The aim is 1000 players fighting on the same battlefield.


Even though we cannot bring this technology to Foxhole, we are excited about the possibilities it can open up for our future projects.


To test the first version of this new technology, we’ve decided to put together a small demo that takes place in an alternate time in the Foxhole universe.


We would be grateful if you choose to join us at this one time event and help us with this experimental project.


See you on Nov 30th at 2pm EST.

Note: A copy of Foxhole is not required to participate in this test

Sign Up for the Playtest!

Thanks for signing up. Further instructions will follow through email.

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