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Community Highlights 82

Hello Soldiers,

I just wanted to take a moment to comment on the war. This is, I think, the first ever war that has lasted from the release of one patch, to the release of the next. What are we going to do when wars are lasting 3 months and we want to release a patch right in the middle? We're screwed!

Besides that its been a pretty steady week. You guys are still churning out art like mad. Its really nice to see a lot of new faces producing stuff. The bar keeps getting higher but somehow you all keep meeting it. Thanks for taking the time.

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Monday, Feb. 24, 2020. Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible.




By: Cheun

If its true that the Wardens are elves, then the Colonials are most certainly orks. What would you rather be? A namby pamby elf, or an ork.


By: Jacklessthanthree

They know all your body's weak points. They can exact horrible pain.


By: TySloth

Correct me if im wrong, but TySloth I believe also created all the renaissance foxhole art from over a year ago. You'll have to go digging through community highlights for it though because I ain't doing it.


By: Panzer4WithATurtleNeck, Igorqoo, A. Soldier, RobotSpark

This was originally conceived by Panzer4, and the others all helped with the information, I believe. Great work. Love how its themed to match our aesthetic.


By: Panzer4WithATurtleNeck, Igorqoo, A. Soldier, RobotSpark

Plus Lore!


By: Commander Rod

Im sorry the writing is too small to read. You'll have to zoom in. The way this website formats pictures is really bad. This was the only way I could get the whole piece in one image.


By: General Iron Head KR

This guy is thinking hard about getting some new contact lenses because those red eyes keep freaking out the in-laws.


By: General Iron Head KR

Yes. A hundred times. Yes.


By: luii

Nothing says romance like dinner before the fight.


By: Insane_Katrina

That has got to be the least comfortable way to sit ever.


By: Jacklessthanthree

A far departure from your usual style but great all the same.


By: luii

Keychain me please


By: Shawn

A proper gentleman with a proper 'stache.


By: sunnyman10

Hah. Neuts.


By: stKales

Honestly Foxhole would be great if you could mod your vehicles like these. Its supposed to be a sandbox after all


By: Mummy

Definitely a weird fad going on with the menacingly-coloured eyes.


By: Nachtjager

Love the style


By: Big Mac Gaming

Yo man, you gotta start drawing more than tanks! These are already great. Now fill out the rest of the scene!


By: Mummy

Wait, so these stars at the bottom... are these signalling to me that this is some kind of Magic Girl?

Fighting collies by moonlight, winning love by daylight.


By: Valarag

Yup. Need that.


By: Milk

Yup. Need this too.


By: Michel

Would love this as a colonial resistance uniform


By: Michel

What a great profile pic. We should really let players upload their own.


By: Medhat_2000

Ok now do colonial.


By: General Iron Head KR

Honestly if the colonial symbol wasn't at the top id have assumed this wasn't concept art for our game.


By: General Iron Head KR

No supply drop in history could be this accurate


By: pnguy57

lol is that a pen cap for a turret?


Original Art by: Lisek

Colouring by: TheBrokenKing99

Such an oldie, but a goodie. Originally drawn months(?) or years ago. Colours by TheBrokenKing. Felt like it deserved another showing.


By: Beans

Love ya Beans.


By: Souperior

Look at that tiny tie. Adorable.


By: Agent Frost

You could make this into a gif with the flag waving the background


By: Janeza

That's an awful lot of lore for one specific gun! And you didn't name it. I'll call her Bessy.


By: Marti



Press Releases

By: PressCorps

The quality of these is going up all the time. Seriously though, why not rent that ad space for a clan ad? Every one of these presscorps newspapers get on the devstream. Want your clan featured on a devstream? Just take out an ad in this presscorp newspaper. Lol


By: Marenova

Or this one. These get on almost every time too.


Artwork by: Souperior

Commentary by: Dr. Ponsonby

"Hello any of you gentlemen from the third?" "No. Russian."



Artwork by: Souperior

Commentary by: Dr. Ponsonby

There are some parts of this commentary that aren't even interviews. Its so cool how it sounds like a truly embedded member of the press in amongst the gunfire.


Artwork by: Souperior

Commentary by: Dr. Ponsonby

You know... I'm beginning to think that the commentary is just a clever way to mask when he dies. Notice that? Like he'll be describing quickly-escalating events, his tempo rising, screaming ensues. And then commentary.


Artwork by: Lercas

Commentary by: Dr. Ponsonby

Its absolutely flooring how many people will just drop what they're doing to answer interviews from the presscorps.



By: I Saw A Bear

Not gonna lie, most of this video is just Bear driving to the frontline. But once he gets there (about 32 minutes in) its pretty damn cool. The colonials just totally swarmed em.


By: Razzoorr

This is exactly the kind of thing I miss about the old gunboat. You used to be able to walk around on the deck, but we ended up removing it. But this kind of combat is easily some of the most interesting... even if a little unrealistic.


By: Duri89

If only you'd had a bayonet


By: Razoorr & Commander Rod

This amazing song brought to you by the talented Commander Rod, video brought to you by the veritable cornucopia of 82DK personalities.


By: I Saw A Bear

He pounded this video out in like a day. He's a machine.


By: Stattikk

I was really hoping to see a formal assault on the castle. Alas it looks like they must have ran out of shirts before the attack was able to cross the bridge. Still pretty cool seeing the defence of that bridge being so pivotal.


By: 욕망의 쓰레기통

lmao. If you watch any video from this highlight, watch this one. This is excellent.



Some pretty awesome tank combat. Always good to see. Great discipline.


By: SuperVinc3nt



By: EffectivePawn

Damn. The production value on this thing is intense.


Thanks to everyone who contributed to this community Highlights. All of your work is appreciated. It really does give us such confidence to see this kind of stuff. You guys are our petrol. You keep us going.



By: Terrento


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