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1.0 Frequently Asked Questions

How will Foxhole 1.0 be different from the game now?

It won’t be too different. The intention is to release a big update like Winter Army or Arms Race, which will contain new features, changes, and content. There won’t be a significant change in quality or scale for this update when compared to prior ones.


How will development change after 1.0?

Development will continue on as it always has been for the foreseeable future. We already have plans for both regular and “big” updates (similar to Winter Army) in the years to come. There’s so many ways to expand the world of Foxhole and we're excited to do it.

Why even go 1.0 if not that much is changing?

We feel that the game is at a point where we won’t be making large experimental changes as often as before. With more stable game design, we feel the game is ready to be in the hands of a more general audience.

Will feature X finally be added at 1.0?

The likelihood of a long time requested feature being added at 1.0 will be equal to the chances of it being added in any other big update. For example, players had been requesting a “clan” system for many years which was finally added as part of the Winter Army update. Similarly, other requested features might be added at 1.0 or future updates.

What about improving new player experience?

As part of the 1.0 update, we hope to add in some improvements to new player experience and to also take some steps towards localization, improved interface options, and accessibility. However, based on the unpredictability of game development schedules, it’s possible that some of these features will be included in post 1.0 updates.

Will the price of the game change?

The price of the game will likely increase to continue to support long term development while staying true to our policy to not sell microtransactions. This will not impact existing players.

UPDATE: The price change already happened in Oct, 2021. No additional price change will occur between now and 1.0 release.

Will ranks be reset at 1.0?

There will likely be some changes with the rank system before or at 1.0. While there may be a new type of “rank” to progress, we will preserve Early Access ranks in the player’s profile so they can exist in tandem with any new system.


UPDATE: There will be no significant changes to the rank system at 1.0, but it's possible this may happen in an update further in the future.

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