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Last year we ran the first official Fan Art contest and the number of submissions we received totally blew us away. Here is where you can see last year's winners. But don't look too closely because we're going to shake it up a little this year. Rather than have specific categories, we're going to give you guys a theme and let you decide how might be the best way to really express it.


The Theme:


     “The indomitable spirit of man in the midst of war is not simply measured

by their skill on the battlefield but their unwavering humanity”


- First Command, Legatus Alekos Dimas


You will compose your artwork across any medium of your choice to convey ‘The Human Spirit’ in the world of Foxhole.


Judging Considerations:


  • Surprise us with your medium. From 3D models, to videos, to short stories, to acappella groups, you decide how best to capture the theme.

  • The stronger the theme relates to your art, the better.

  • You may use foxhole assets such as from the sketchfab, but it will be far superior to make your own.

  • Some ideas to get you started:

    • Flawed characters

    • Personal conflicts

    • A vignette

  • Some examples of things we are not interested in:

    • National pride.

    • Flawless heroism.

    • Depictions of glorious battle.


Entry Deadline:


Contest Starts February 5, 2019 and closes on April 28, 2019 at 11:59 PM EST.     
Winners will be revealed on May 14, 2019 on the Foxhole Devstream. The contest will be judged by the Foxhole Devs personally. 




1st Place:

  • Sticker and Pin Package

  • Autographed Relic of War Poster (Limited Run)

  • Foxhole T-shirt

  • Work with the Dev team to create something unique and permanent in the world of Foxhole


2nd Place:

  • Sticker and Pin Package

  • Autographed Relic of War Poster (Limited Run)

  • Foxhole T-shirt


3rd Place:

  • Sticker and Pin Package

  • Autographed Relic of War Poster (Limited Run)


Honorable Mentions:

  • Sticker and Pin Package


  • Submit your entry to 

  • Your entry must be submitted with instructions on the best way to contact you (discord####, email, etc).

  • Your attribution name (online handle, or nickname)

  • A brief (one-two lines) describing how the theme is reflected in your art.

  • All personal contact information will remain private

  • All Submissions must be original content. 

  • If any conditions are not met your piece will be disqualified. Please read the Instructions carefully.

  • A member of the development team will contact the winners after May 14th for more information


Full guidelines and rules can be downloaded here


By entering this contest you give us permission to display your work publicly, with attribution. You will remain the sole and exclusive owner of your work.




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