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What is Dead Harvest

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Dead Harvest is intended as a fun sandbox event as opposed to a balanced game. Expect the event to be wild, unpredictable, and hopefully a lot of fun.

What is Dead Harvest? This isn't the Foxhole I know...

Dead Harvest is a one-time event game mode that we have once a year around Halloween. This year, the world conquest is beset by the Undead! Colonials and Wardens continue to battle to win the game the same way they always have, but with the added challenge of stopping the Undead from bringing about the Endless Night.

Please have a read through this post, but if your question is not answered, please feel free to shoot me a message on Discord. My name will be right at the top: KrazyFlyinChicken#0001

How does all of this work?

Players will pick their faction as usual, Colonial or Warden, but if you die there is a small chance you will turn into an Undead. If you're killed by an Undead there is a much higher chance of you becoming Undead. To prevent this transformation, you will need to equip a Carved Totem. And... you'll never be forced to play Undead. If you want to return to human form, simply return to the home region and redeploy. Or, you can die to a Centurion's main cannon (more on that later).

The Undead

The Undead can inflict Endless Night by attacking Forts across different regions. Triggering the Endless Night buffs all the Undead, and as well, neither side can win! The Wardens and the Colonials will have to work together to push back the Undead menace if they hope to win.


The Living

Your main logistics towns are safe from the Undead. They are protected by magical wards that will kill any Undead that try to enter. You can also construct Carved Totems at the factory which, once equipped, prevents you from turning into an Undead.

You can also build a Centurion. You will find them scattered throughout the world, hidden in the snow-drifts and in the dirt. They will appear sporadically, and in different locations each time. So grab your binoculars, hop in your scout car, and go find them!

I found a crazy exploit, problem, or strategy... can I use it?

Many of you have been sending me some really good questions about what is, and isn't allowed for this DEAD HARVEST event. There are some really great ideas for possible exploits, problems, and strategies that are very contrary to the norm in Foxhole. For the duration of the event, assume that this is an entirely different game. This is a pure sandbox.

We welcome all sides to try and win it, but with the understanding that not everyone on their team may be working toward the same goal as they usually are. This event is meant to be FUN. Try to be considerate of others. Even if the moderators are not directly intervening with your particular issue, that does not give you license to be cruel.

Please, no matter what your plan is to enjoy the game mode, be kind to others. If we cannot find some middle ground to have fun, then we cannot repeat these events in the future. If a moderator asks you to stop what you're doing, do not argue, just stop. Thank you.


FAQ (Updated)

Q: I don't want to play in Dead Harvest, what can I do?

A: Sadly, nothing. It is a source of great pride for our developer team that we are able to make events like these, with support from much of the community. It will not last long, and soon, we'll be back to regular Foxhole, and our slow-march to the Winter Update!

Q: I just turned back into a human randomly! What happened?

A: You were probably killed by a Centurion's cannon. This weapon has the magical ability to turn Undead back into humans.

Q: Can I support my faction while playing as an Undead?

A: We're not going to stop you. We know players are going to exploit the system in this manner, and yes, we're aware of how it can be done. Just try to remember that this event is all meant in good fun.

Q: I found an exploit in the game mechanics. What should I do?

A: There are going to be a lot of exploits. A lot of unbalanced mechanics. A lot of outright unfair strategies. I encourage you to employ them all to the fullest as we're treating Dead Harvest more like a sandbox and less like a game. It's an event. For fun. But if you really feel like something should be addressed, please shoot me a message on discord (KrazyFlyinChicken#0001).

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Oct 30, 2019

I feel that it's a fun concept but I would definitely suggest AI zombies next time. I'm not alone when I say having player controlled zombies has been severely unbalancing, immersion breaking, annoying, and has even caused many players to leave until the event is over or leave altogether

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