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Update 40 Release Notes

Release Notes

New Content

New Vehicle: Balfour Falconer 250mm

○ Class: Field Weapon

A heavy mobile mortar platform fitted with a thick frontal shield for assaulting fortified locations

New Vehicle: H-10 “Pelekys”

○ Class: Light Tank

The “Pelekys” H-class light tank is heavily modified with an open top chassis and equipped with a devastating long-range anti-tank cannon

New World Structure: Border Base

○ A special base that spawns near Frontier borders

○ Designed to help an invading force gain a foothold into a region

○ Are built automatically by any player that uses it

○ Include starter equipment (which varies depending on global population)

Designed to reduce the impact of "border lockdown" on queue sizes

Expanded Win Condition

■ War Achievements

○ Faction wide goals that can influence the final outcome of the war

○ War Achievements are displayed on Map Screen and on War Monuments

○ There are currently 9 faction wide War Achievements available

■ There are now up to 8 Win Conditions instead of 2

Crushing Defeat - Your faction has no War Achievements

Defeat - Your faction has 1 or more War Achievements

Close Defeat - Your faction has 3 or more War Achievements

Valiant Defeat - Your faction has 6 or more War Achievements

Pyrrhic Victory - Enemy has 6 or more War Achievements

Close Victory - Enemy has 3 or more War Achievements

Victory - Enemy has 1 or more War Achievements

Decisive Victory - Enemy has no War Achievements

Gameplay Changes

■ Overhauled AI Suppression system

○ AI structure flags now flash when they are suppressed

○ AI structures remain suppressed for longer

○ Suppression capability of all weapons have been rebalanced

○ Suppression resistance of all structures have been rebalanced

○ Players mounted in Suppressed structures can't fire their weapon

■ Structure damage model

○ Structures are now immune to Small Arms

○ Build sites remain vulnerable to Small Arms damage

12.7mm/14.5mm can still damage Tier 1 structures (Foxholes, Watch Towers, T1 Bases, etc)

Unique SFX is played when 12.7mm/14.5mm weapons damage a structure

■ Border travel invincibility now has a cooldown so players will still be vulnerable to damage when border travelling in quick succession

■ Players in the Gunner position of open top vehicles now gain 25% more sight range

■ Deployment Points (Garrison Size) at Town/Relic Bases in friendly starter region will always grow to a minimum size, even when no players have their spawn point set

■ Frontier Borders

○ Map intelligence and attack alerts are disabled near Frontier Borders

○ Frontier Borders now appears as red on the map

■ All vehicles except Motorcycle, Bicycle, and Field Weapon classes can now run over fences

Game Balance

UV-24 “Icarus” inventory increased from 3 to 8, but it only holds RPG shells

HH-d “Peltast” cost increased from 45 to 55 Refined Materials

■ Structures are no longer buildable on roads (except for Tank Traps and Gates)

■ Gates now require a Construction Vehicle to build and upgrade

■ Mortar Shell Armour Piercing removed from the game

■ Storm Rifle cost changed from 20 Refined Materials to 165 Basic Materials per crate

■ Storm Rifle crate size reduced from 20 to 10

■ LMG now cost changed from 20 Refined Materials to 165 Basic Materials per crate

■ LMG crate size reduced reduced from 20 to 10

■ 7.92 Crate size reduced from 40 to 30

■ 12.7mm damage has been unified across all weapons

○ Average damage has decreased by 5-10%

■ 14.5mm damage has been unified across all weapons

○ Average damage has increased by 5-10%

■ 12.7mm and 14.5mm are no longer stackable

■ 12.7mm and 14.5mm ammo deal ~13% more damage to Shippable structures (e.g. Emplaced Weapons)

■ Foxhole

○ Health has been reduced by 30%

○ Explosive mitigation reduced

○ Can be destroyed by 2 HE Grenades now instead of 3

■ High Explosive Grenade

○ No longer requires tech

○ Basic Material cost reduced from 180 to 100

○ Explosive Material cost reduced from 40 to 10

○ Crate size increased from 20 to 30

○ Production time reduced

Stockpile retrieve time reduced

○ Damage reduced by 30% (to avoid indirectly buffing infantry anti-tank capability)

Starter bases now include 100 HE Grenades

■ Garrison Camp (T1 Town Hall) health increased by 60%

■ All Colonial Light Tank variant health increased by 2%

Other Changes

■ New server optimizations

○ Maximum player capacity per region increased to 200

■ Comms Rating

○ The system is designed to encourage quality and relevant use of communication tools

○ Players will now have a rating associated with their profile, which is influenced by player reports, up/down voting, and other factors

○ Players with a low rating will have limited World Chat, Sign Posts, and Map Post capability

■ Input hints now properly reflected remapped keys

■ Player Profile screen has been removed

○ NOTE: Profiles are undergoing a redesign and will be back in a future update

Character Appearance options can now be accessed by using the Barracks structure in the Home Region instead (the structure the player spawns in front of)

■ Monument UI has been redesigned

○ New visual layout that displays War Result and War Achievements

○ Legacy commend leaderboard has been removed

■ The message displayed when a spot in the queue is "reserved" has been updated to reflect the current functionality (player is highly prioritized, but not guaranteed to get back in at all times)

Bug Fixes ■ Players sometimes are exited to the main menu when border travelling with the message Faction limit exceeded

■ Reaction fire on Bunker Garrison structures were not working consistently

■ When new inputs are added to the game, existing key mappings become disabled

■ After a server restart, in rare cases Structures/Structure Crates can't be submitted to stockpiles

■ Storm Cannon shots can deflect off Tank Armour

■ T5 “Percutio” shots sometimes don't register under poor networking conditions

■ Field Weapon & Bicycle UI informs users to refuel even though they don't use fuel

■ Character state desyncs and input is lost in some cases when using binoculars when in vehicles

■ Enemy structures can be repaired

■ Structures can no longer be built underneath structures like docks

■ Petrol sometimes isn't transferred to the public stockpile at the Refinery after expiry

■ Grenade weapons can sometimes collide with the area in front of Bunker Bases

■ Roofs do not become visible again on houses if the player exits by mounting a vehicle

■ Rocket Site help tooltip contains outdated information, referencing "Upgrade Parts"

■ A Shipping/Resource container can be placed on a barge with a Crane already on it

■ Unintentional shadows flickering occurs at certain parts of the day/night cycle

■ Crane arm can be climbed to get to higher elevation

■ If a Shipping Container is packaged while another player is withdrawing from it, the item being retrieved is destroyed

■ Storm Rifle audibly shoots twice instead 1 in Single Shot mode

■ A notification "Something went wrong" is sometimes shown when trying to submit order at Mass Production factory

■ Map Bugs

Farranac Coast: Bone Haft has floating rocks and bushes

Oarbreaker: Flatbeds keep dropping off of the bridge near Conclave


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