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Update 35 Release Notes

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

NOTE: You may have to reset your key bindings for this update if you are experiencing issues with input for toggling modes for vehicles.


Fixed issue that caused Mass Production Factory UI to be opened when pressing 'E' as the driver of a vehicle that's far from the structure Fixed issue that sometimes caused cranes to get stuck when picking up extremely close Shippables

Initial Release

New Content ■ New World Structure: Mass Production Factory ○ New type of Factory that can produce batches of items at a discounted rate ○ For every Crate produced, an additional 10% discount is applied up to a max of 50% ○ Vehicle Crates can be produced at the same discount rate (See Vehicle Logistics below)

○ A minimum of 3 crates are required to place item orders

○ Production speed is increased when there are more pending orders in queue ■ New Structure Attachment: Stationary Crane ○ World Cranes that can be used to securely load/unload containers at wstructures ○ Stationary Cranes are available at:


Storage Depots

Construction Yards

Loading Docks

• Mass Production Factory ■ New Item: Bunker Supplies ○ Protect Bunkers/Trenches from decay when Garrison Supplies are not available

New Features ■ Context Menus ○ Most Inventories and Stockpile icons can now be right clicked for a context menu that enables new functionality ○ New workflows include: • Submit to stockpile from structure OR backpack/vehicle inventories • Submit individual items directly form a container to the stockpile • Specify specific quantities to transfer/submit using a slider interface • Much more! ○ Previous right-click functionality (stack transfer) can now be triggered with shift-left-click ■ Vehicle Logistics ○ Vehicles can now be produced, transported, and stored in Vehicle Crates (3x vehicles) ○ Vehicle Crates can be unpacked at Storage Depots using the right-click context menu ○ Vehicle Crates can be Squad Stored ■ Supply Surplus ○ Bases located in areas with less structures receive a bonus called Supply Surplus ○ Supply Surplus decreases the chances that a Garrison Supply will be consumed when decay occurs on a nearby structure ○ Supply Surplus can be Low, Medium, or High ■ Rate of Decay Tooltip ○ The decay prevention information tooltip now shows the number of Garrison Supplies that have been consumed in the last hour, making it easier to determine how many supplies are needed to maintain nearby structures ■ Base Stockpile Alerts ○ When a Base is supplied, players assigned to that base will receive an alert containing a detailed breakdown of what items were supplied, as well as the name of the supplying player ○ The alert contains a button to commend that player

Experimental Features ■ Squad Storage Changes ○ Only Squad Leaders can access the Release to Public Stockpile action button ○ Individual items can now be released to the Public Stockpile via the RMB context menu ○ Vehicle Crates (for any vehicle) can now be stored in the Squad Stockpile ○ Squad Storing vehicles in non-crate form is now limited to logistics vehicles only Gameplay Changes ■ Bunker / Trench Build Sites now connect (helps with planning out bases)

■ When connecting a Bunker, Modifications on the wall in between are now destroyed instead of disabled (happens when new connected Bunker is complete)

■ Vehicles retrieved from Storage Depots now have starter fuel

■ Resource Mines Improvements ○ Resources are placed in stockpiles that have more than 3x more capacity than before:

• Scrap Mine capacity increased from 1500 to 5000

• Component Mine capacity increased from 1500 to 5000

• Sulfur Mine capacity increased from 1500 to 5000

• Oil Well capacity increased from 15 to 50 ○ Loading Area can be used to load resources into containers using a Crane

Map Updates ■ Home Regions - Training areas refreshed to include Update 35 features ■ Godcrofts - Added central crossroads and Loading Dock ■ Shackled Chasm - Swapped footbridge with a stone bridge ■ Heartlands - Blemish Town Hall has been relocated to a more central location ■ Heartlands - Blocked small opening in Bulwark along the border. ■ Farranac Coast - Added wood pathways over some areas of shallow water between roads ■ Callahan's Passage - Blocked northern canyon against border ■ Linn of Mercy - Bridge near Prairie Bazaar has been shortened ■ Deadlands - Balanced the number of roads coming into Deadlands in the North and South ■ Various - Added environmental features to break up some border highways between Stonecradle and Moors as well as Westgate and Loch Mor

Game Balance ■ Grenade Launcher crate quantity reduced from 20 to 5 so they cost less to produce ■ Infrastructure growth increased by 15% ■ Storm Cannon Infrastructure requirement increased by 40%, but the total time it takes to unlock is the same as before due to the 15% increase in growth rate

Other Changes ■ Production quantity (per crate) is now highlighted in orange for item tooltips at Factories ■ Stockpile filter icons are now unique for Crates (vs uncrated items/vehicles) ■ Stockpile icons are now automatically sorted when an item is submitted ■ Crane deploy key changed from 'E' to 'F', since Cranes can now access structures when deploying a Shippable to a loading area

■ For consistency, deploy key has changed from 'E' to 'F' for Landing APCs, Barges, Landing Ships, and Freighters ■ Factory Orders that aren't set to public are no longer visible in the public tab ■ Character animations improvements ○ More fluid crouched movement animations ○ More fluid standing movement animations when at very low speeds ○ Better wounded on the ground animations, including falling and getting up ○ Mortar animations ■ Operation Stockpiles have been removed from the game

■ Pack/Unpack Material Crates action buttons have been removed, since this functionality can now be accessed using the right-click-context-menu Bug Fixes ■ Player movement will no longer get stuck when walking next to a Crane or Resource Container ■ Small garrison facility does not prevent decay until operating post is upgraded ■ Heavy Machine Guns can fire through the side walls of an LAPC ■ Player is unable to build Storm Cannon if it is physically to close to another one ■ Toggling Squad stockpile at the Storage Depot doesn't switch the view sometimes ■ Refinery Tooltip contains extra irrelevant information ■ Both factions can build both Gunboat types ■ Crates change colour when picking them up with a Crane ■ Players can't shoot inside the bullwark, as the aiming reticle always targets the roof ■ Players can delete items by 'dropping' them from an already-dropped crate ■ Bunker Garrisons (Rifle/MG) do not have tracers ■ Build requirements for Bunker Garrisons can be bypassed by starting a build suite and not completing it ■ Crouched leg animation plays at half speed when using Pistol or Revolver ■ Players can remove base Infrastructure Modifications by exploiting Ramp build sites ■ Dying players' backpacks spawn on top of structures where they died (like rooftops) ■ Construction Vehicle uses the Advanced Construction icon instead of the proper one ■ Bayonet animations continue to play after a player character has died ■ Map Bugs ○ The Moors: Vehicle can get stuck at the edge of the map ○ Loch Mor: Mountain in North-East of map is unintentionally climbable ○ Colonial Home Region: Mountain is unintentionally climbable ○ WestGate: Stairway in gallows requires you to vault ○ Callahans Passage: Landscape bugs inside Overlook Hill ○ Drowned Vale: Slope in Saltcaps is too steep for trucks ○ Deadlands: A Garrison House in Abandoned Ward starts the game as Warden ○ Farranac Coast: Legacy Oil visuals needs to be removed ○ Heartlands: Players can't crouch or prone next to the water in Blemish ○ Linn Of Mercy: Disruptive volume near mountain blocks natural walking path ○ Callahan's Passage: Remove the "partisan highway" to the North East


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