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Update 31 Release Notes

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Consider this update as the prelude to the big Winter Update that's coming in December. We've added some features here to test the waters for bigger things coming in the next update. To find out what's coming in the Winter Update, be sure to tune into our Devstream next Tuesday, November 19th on Twitch.

It might not be entirely clear why some of these changes are being made, which is why I've included some notes in italics this time around to help explain why certain features are being added or changed.

Release Notes

New Features

■ Squad Revamp

○ Our goal is to focus on improving communication tools over the new few updates and this is the first step of the process ○ Dedicated UI for Squad Management on the HUD

○ Squads can now be set to Private or Public

○ Squads can be given a fully customized name

○ Full voice chat with Squad members (press 'G')

○ Squad members have a distinct colour for their names on the HUD

○ Squad Leaders

• If Squad Leader is nearby they will appear on the Compass

• Squad Leader has a unique colour for their name on the HUD

• Squad Leader can be reassigned ○ Squads have a dedicated text chat channel and tab

○ Squads have a maximum limit of 20 online players

■ Cover & Suppression

○ The new cover and suppression system is designed to make combat more tactical and encourage more teamwork in general, but specifically to make cover more valuable in the game in preparation for some new base building features coming in the Winter Update. For more details on how the cover and suppression system was designed, please read our latest devblog.

○ Players can now enter cover by standing next to tall structures or crouching behind low structures in the environment

○ Cover provides two buffs

• Hit mitigation - % of shots will be absorbed

• Aim stability - Stability is regained faster

○ Players are now suppressed when they are near gun fire (not explosions)

• Suppression reduces the effectiveness of Cover buffs

• Suppression reduces Aim stability regain rate

○ Rifles, Carbines, Sniper Rifles, and Storm Rifles in single shot mode are impacted far less by hit mitigation

■ Faction Efficiency

○ Efficiency is a new system designed to regulate the pacing of wars: • Ensure that towns are upgraded over time instead of instantly

• Add a proper trade-off between upgrading towns vs expanding

• Reduce the rate of snowballing

• Reduce the severity of night swings

• Ensure that the future efforts of base building aren't foiled by unstable pacing

○ Facility Efficiency decreases when Facilities are built within a real world day

○ Facility Efficiency resets every day (spread various times)

○ # of Upgrade Parts required to upgrade Facilities is

• Lower when efficiency is high

• Higher when efficiency is low

Gameplay Changes

■ Tech Tree automation ○ This is a hopefully short term solution to address the following

• Remove the severe imbalances caused by one faction being far ahead in Tech

• Reduce need to grind Tech Parts

○ Tech Tree now progresses automatically without the need for players to submit Research Parts

○ Tech Parts and Research Parts have been removed from the game

○ Upgrade Parts drop directly from gathering Salvage and Components

■ Grenade automatic equip

○ When a grenade is thrown, if a grenade of the same type exists in the backpack, it will automatically be equipped

○ Grenade throw animation has been updated to prevent spamming

○ Grenade types are no longer stackable since they are automatically equipped now

■ Players can no longer claim enemy Construction Vehicles (again)

Other Changes

■ Operations have been removed from the game for now since there is feature overlap with the updated Squad system

○ An improved version Operations is being developed for a future update

Bug Fixes

■ Character can't return to region with an offline character if there is no static base, preventing spawning at Landing Ship / Frontier Base

■ Packaged Shipping Container stacked on another shipping container can't be interacted with

■ Proexi in Heartlands is missing a mine

■ Headlight is on for Bus blueprints

■ Motorcycle build sites off centered and can be clipped into

■ Operation Stockpile husks are easily destroyed

■ Passengers in the Warden Landing APC appear to hover off the deck


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