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Update 26 Release Notes

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

For a video walkthrough of all the new changes, check out this excellent video of Update 26 from community member I Saw A Bear: Walkthrough

Release Notes

Hotfixes -

■ Fixed issue that caused some players to hang on the loading screen when travelling

■ Fixed issue that in rare cases allowed resource mines to produce indefinitely

■ Fixed issue that allowed fuel items to be replenished by adding them to some stockpiles

■ Fixed issue that caused last map intel update time to not update on the map screen

■ Fixed issue that caused map intel radius to not render when viewed from the home region

■ Fixed issue that shows map intel radius (only the circle) to be rendered for enemy intel sources

■ Players are now shown a proper message when they attempt to submit items to a Storage Depot that is full

■ Added option for players to leave the loading screen when travelling if they are having connection issues

■ Improvements to the patching process

Initial Release

New Content

■ Crane

○ A heavy mobile Crane used to lift vehicles and very heavy equipment.

■ Flatbed Truck

○ A heavy shipping vehicle that's used to transport large objects and light vehicles.

■ Freighter

○ A massive shipping vessel that's used to transport large objects and heavy vehicles.

■ Shipping Container

○ A container that can carry large quantities of crates or resources and can be transported by certain vehicles.

■ Production Parts

○ A large crate of parts used to produce vehicles

■ Construction yard

○ An area where certain structures can be built and prepared for shipping.

■ Component Mine

○ An old mine that automatically gathers Components.

■ Fuel Tanker

○ A truck modified to transport large amounts of Fuel.

■ Oil Well

○ An old well that automatically gathers Crude Oil using Fuel.

■ Crude Oil

○ Unprocessed oil that can be refined into valuable fuel.

■ Salvage

○ Salvage that can be recycled into other resources at a Refinery

■ Heavy Explosive Material

○ Resource used for producing heavy explosive weapons.

■ 6x New Garrisoned Houses for the new “Village” theme

■ 8x New map regions

New Persistent World

■ The world has been completely redesigned

■ World is one continuous landscape precisely divided into hexagon shaped regions

■ Port Bases no longer exist

■ Starting conditions (victory towns, starting front line, resource distribution) are completely reconfigurable on a per war basis

■ Resource Field and Mine distribution are randomized every war

■ Immersive border travel

○ Neighbouring region landscape is streamed, allowing you to see the destination area before travelling

○ Travelling experience is more seamless, as a blurred in-game view is now shown instead of a separate load screen

○ Travel mechanic is more robust, resulting in less bugs and issues when traversing between regions

Unified World Map

■ Region and World map have been combined into one continuous unified view

■ Worldwide map intelligence is visible from any region

■ Pans and zooms like “Google Maps”

■ Map features fade in and out dynamically

■ Added new map filter for map location names

Gameplay Changes and Features

■ Advanced Construction Technology

○ When unlocked in the Tech Tree, enables Construction Vehicles to build all defensive structures, and walls

■ Refinery changes

○ Refinery now has a stockpile for holding resources

○ Refinery orders can now be made public, which puts refined materials into the stockpile

○ Refinery can now refine the following resources

• Salvage to Basic Materials, Diesel, and Explosive Materials

• Components to Refined Materials

• Sulfur to Heavy Explosive Material

• Crude Oil to Petrol

• Tech Parts to Upgrade/Research Parts

○ All refine speeds and rates have been updated to reflect the new economy

■ Production Parts

○ Production Parts must be submitted to the Vehicle Factory or Shipyard in order for certain vehicles to be built (they are a replacement for Blueprints)

○ Production Parts are built at the Construction Yard and must be shipped to a destination via Crane/Shipping vehicle

■ Fuel changes

○ Vehicles no longer consume fuel from it’s inventory, but have a fuel tank instead

○ Fuel items (Diesel/Petrol) must be equipped and “used” on the vehicle (like a First Aid Kit) in order to refill it’s tank

■ Resource Field changes

○ Resource fields have new visual designs, layouts, and mechanics

○ Salvage, Component, and Sulfur Nodes all look and work the same way now

○ Fields contains a large quantity of resource nodes

○ Fields eventually deplete and take a significant amount of time to replenish

• Salvage fields take 80-140 minutes to replenish

• Other fields take 6-10 hours to replenish

○ Contains central structures that displays the amount of remaining resources nodes before replenishment is necessary

■ Resource Mine changes

○ Mines are now public structures and not “Factories”

○ Mines now have two fuel tanks (Diesel/Petrol) and will continue to produce resources as long as they are kept fueled

○ Mines are now directly fueled by a Fuel Tanker or by an equipped Fuel item

○ When filled with Petrol, mines produce a higher number of resources per cycle

■ Garrisoned House Tiers

○ Garrisoned Houses can now be upgraded through 3 tiers

• Tier 1 - Reduced armour

• Tier 2 - Increased armour

• Tier 3 - Increased armour, fires AT Rifle shots at vehicles

○ Tier 2/3 can only be built if House is connected to a Tier 2/3 Town Base

■ Refinery/Factory/Storage Depot/Ammo Factory must now be faction claimed before they can be used

○ Stockpile is decimated by 50% when structure is rebuilt by the other faction

○ Facilities are destroyed when structure is rebuilt by the other faction

■ Facilities

○ Facilities no longer lose Upgrade Parts when they are destroyed and rebuilt by the same faction

○ All bases now use Operating Posts and Radio Facilities

○ Operating Post is no longer required for spawning or downloading map intel

■ Win Condition

○ To claim a town towards the victory condition, a Civic Center Facility must be built

○ Upgrading town bases to Tier 3 is no longer required

○ If the majority of towns/regions in the world are claimed by one side without the win condition triggering, there will be a chance of an uprising at a town of the dominant faction

This is to prevent one side from pushing the other completely out of the world instead of triggering the win condition

■ All resource gather rates have changed

■ Scrap is no longer a resource in the game (it has been replaced by Salvage)

■ Drawbridges now have ladders on both sides, enabling water logistics players to activate them during water supply runs

■ Storage Depot now has a vehicle wing that can store vehicles

■ Blueprint mechanic is no longer in the game (they are replaced by Production Parts)

■ Certain vehicles now get a speed bonus if their inventories are empty (Truck, L.U.V., Flatbed Truck, Barge, and Freighter)

■ Rocket is now directly fueled by a Fuel Tanker or by an equipped Fuel item

■ Tech Center has been removed and the Tech Tree is now accessible from any Town Base

Game Balance

Important Note: The entire economy has changed, so many changes listed here are not relevant in the context of the game prior to update 26

■ Buildable Structure costs

○ Bunker changed from 120 to 75 Refined Materials

○ Gun Turret changed from 70 Refined Materials to 80 Basic Materials

○ Gun Nest changed from 50 Refined Materials to 100 Basic Materials

○ Keep changed from 400 Refined Materials to 300 Basic Materials

○ Town Hall changed from 200 Refined Materials to 200 Basic Materials

○ Outpost changed from 100 Refined Materials to 100 Basic Materials

○ Tank Trap changed from 15 Refined Materials to 25 Basic Materials

■ Item Costs

○ All Light Tank and Battle Tank ammo costs have been updated and now require Heavy Explosive Materials

○ All items that previously required Blueprints to produce no longer require them

○ All items that previously required Blueprints to produce have had their costs slightly adjusted to account for this

■ Starting conditions

○ Starter town base stockpiles now contain more items than before

○ Starter town Storage Depots start with 10 Trucks each

○ Starter town logistics structure facilities now start built

■ Facilities

○ All facility costs for Refineries and Factories have been reduced to 20 Upgrade Parts and no longer increase as each facility is upgraded

○ All Ammo Factory facility costs have been reduced to 25

○ Town Base

• Small Garrison Facility cost changed to 25 Upgrade Parts

• Large Garrison Facility cost changed to 50 Upgrade Parts

• Civic Center cost changed to 25 Upgrade Parts

• Advanced Mining Facility cost changed to 15 Upgrade Parts

■ Water Vehicles

○ Barge speed increased by 25%

○ Landing Ship speed increased by 25%

○ Gunboat speed increased by 25%

■ Garrison Camp health decreased by 50%

■ Garrison Base health increased by 50%

■ Town Hall health increased by 50%

■ Fortress Wall health increased by 50%

■ Bunker health increased by 50% and now fires AT Rifle shots at vehicles

■ Damage required to disable a truck has been increased by 50% (making it far more durable)

■ Retrieving items from a Cargo ship is now 100% faster

■ Soldier Supply production time has been reduced by 33%

■ Garrisoned Supplies production time has been reduced by 50%

■ Positions of Fort and Metal Wall have been swapped in the Tech Tree

■ Town Base & Fort map intelligence detection radius increased by 50%

■ All vehicles that previously required Refined Materials to build at the vehicle factory now require Basic Materials instead (at the same cost)

■ Armoured Car, Half-Track, Light Tank, and Battle Tank inventory size reduced by 1 since they no longer require a Fuel slot

■ Sulfur now requires a Sledge Hammer to gather

■ Resource Mines are no longer part of the Tech Tree

■ Salvage (previously Scrap) encumbrance has been significantly reduced

■ Classic Salvage Mines (Upgrade Part) have been removed from the game

Other Changes

■ Cargo Ship has been renamed to Landing Ship

■ Many help tooltips have been updated to reflect the latest changes in the game

■ Home regions have been updated to reflect the latest changes in the game

■ WarAPI has been updated to support the new world map and icons

Bug Fixes

■ Large water vehicles can clip through Bridges (not Draw Bridges)

■ Vehicles can sometimes travel to land after border travelling

■ Drivers of a vehicle sometimes stop receiving map intel after border travelling

■ Forts can activate defenses on nearby Garrisoned houses


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