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Prototype 0.0.1 Released!

We just released a new prototype on Steam for Foxhole. This new version has HUGE changes that transition the prototype from a combat focused arena to more of the open world game experience that Foxhole will eventually become. You can read more about the transition on our latest devblog. Get the update HERE.

Please remember that this is a very early prototype where many aspects of the game will be incomplete (or possibly broken) and many features are in flux.

New Content

  • Completely redesigned map that exposes a small portion of the open world

  • New World Structure: Manufacturing Plant

  • New World Structure: Armory

  • New World Structure: Workshop

  • New Buildable Structure: Campsite

  • New Buildable Structure: Manned Foxhole

Gameplay Changes

  • Production: Weapons and other items can now be produced at at Armory and Workshop

  • Manufacturing: Resources can now be generated at the Manufacturing Plant

  • Players can now change their spawn location using Campsites

  • Players turn slower when holding a Heavy Machine Gun

  • Rebalanced the building material cost of most structures

  • Grenade distance is now clamped

Major Bug Fixes

  • Hit FX are now synchronized with the server so "zero damage" hits are less likely

  • Grenade trajectory no longer sinks into the ground when aiming at far away targets

  • Fixed bug where other players can see you when you can't see them

  • Fixed bug where "Any side" chosen on the main menu doesn't work sometimes (causing teams to be heavily unbalanced)

Other Changes

  • Many SFXs have been replaced

  • Old Foxhole are no longer buildable

  • XP algorithm has been changed

  • Player no longer spawns with Medkits, Building Materials, or Binoculars

  • Rank is now shown beside player's name on the HUD

  • Vote kicks now persist even when players log out of the game

  • Chat window no longer shows when players log offline

  • Player count is now shown on the server browser screen

Known Issues

  • Minimap is incomplete and is missing elements from the actual world


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