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Meet the Devs at PAX West 2019

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

All Photos in this Post were from FoxCon (PAX West 2018 meetup)


UPDATE: Please let me know ASAP by sending a message to @KrazyFlyinChicken#0001 on discord if you plan to meet us at the convention center. We're making final bookings soon.

The developers will be at PAX West 2019. For those that don't know, PAX is a gaming convention with an emphasis on Video games, community, and if I'm being totally honest: Nerding-The-Hell-Out. It takes place in Seattle on the Labour Day long weekend (Aug 30 to Sept 2). If you want to come and join us, this post is everything you need to know about how to plan your cheap trip from an experienced veteran of the con.

Book your hostel NOW.

Do not wait until you have tickets to reserve your hostel. By the time tickets go on sale, all the hostels will be totally booked. So reserve your bed now, and if you don't score tickets or if your travel plans go belly-up, you can always cancel your reservation (These places listed below have let us cancel in the past, but read the fine print just in case things have changed). Here are a few hostels/hotels I recommend:

Green Tortoise Seattle - I almost didn't include this one because it was on the bed bug registry in 2015, but from my experience it has cleaned house since then. It is the closest hostel to the con, and is right next door to Pike Place (one of those must-see tourist hot-spots of Seattle). Fair warning though, this one is fairly transient. Lot's of interesting characters stay here, as well as a lot of PAX-veterans. It is also extremely affordable.

City Hostel Seattle - This is definitely one of the cleaner, more up-scale hostels I've stayed at. It's right next door to some pretty great food and dispensaries. Only problem is it's a bit of a walk to the con. Still, can't beat the price.

Springhill Suites - This is a hotel, not a hostel. My recommendation with any hotel is to try and get a few friends to come with you to split the cost. That being said, this one is fairly affordable and a short walk from the con. When you buy tickets for PAX, this one will often times show up as a 'combo deal' where you can book a room with your ticket purchase at a reduced fare. Not always though.

Get on Discord

Even if you are only partly interested in attending PAX, send a private message to KrazyFlyinChicken#0001 on our discord. I'll set you up with a role to give you access to our channel where we are coordinating.

I'm also going to try and score some extra tickets for anyone who misses the chance to buy them (you'll have to pay me back though).

How to get PAX West Tickets

Our veteran community suspects badges (tickets) will go on sale as early as May 29 (That's next week folks), but don't wait until then to start hovering around your phone. They could come out sooner, and you need to be ready to buy them the moment they go on sale or you're going to miss them.

PAX badges sell out extremely fast because they are very cheap compared to other cons of its size. The only way to get them is by following their Badges twitter. Handle is: @PAX_Badges. Set up notifications on your phone to alert you for every tweet from this account. It only tweets about badges.

When the tweet goes out, just follow the link and it'll take you to their website and put you in a queue to purchase. Read the instructions carefully and just wait.

They will cost you ~$40 USD a day. I personally recommend buying Fri-Sun. Friday is a great day because it's quieter, but only if you can get the time off. Monday is also typically a great day to show up because of less crowds, but it's also the day most people pack up and head home so you only ever get to spend half a day at the con.

If you miss your chance to buy tickets, there will be one more sale after-the-fact when they reclaim badges from known scalpers. In addition, if you miss both chances, you can also find some nice people selling tickets at a reasonable markup/at-cost on this subreddit.

That's it. But why come?

PAX West is about giving back to you guys, the players who have made our game great. So many of you have poured hundreds, or even thousands of hours into playing, making suggestions, helping new players, and moderating, and this is our chance to give back to you.

It doesn't matter how unimportant you think you are, I'm telling you, if you're reading this message, you are important to our success as a gaming company than you could ever know.

I Saw A Bear's PAX 2018 Video (There's some of us in there so that counts, right?)

- KrazyFlyinChicken (aka. Max)


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