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Foxhole Localisation Update

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

What's The Plan Going Forward?

As a refresher on our strategy to localisation, due to the breadth of content and constantly evolving nature of Foxhole, translations have been tackled through both a third party translation company and the international Foxhole player community. Crowdin has been used for the latter.

The 1.0. update is not the end for Foxhole development and nor is it the end for localisation! As we continue to add new features to the game there will always be more to localise.

As we've learnt more about localisation and about Crowdin we have made some adjustments to our process and hope to maintain a consistent schedule for updating localisation after each update.

Once Dev Branch finishes for an update we will get all the new or changed text in the game and import it onto Crowdin. We'll then hand off to you, our German, French, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese speakers to localise all the new content. This will also be an opportunity to correct any mistakes or make adjustments to previously localised text. Once all the new text has been localised for all five languages we'll release the changes as early as our production schedule allows. The process will then be repeated for the next update and so on.

How Do I Get Involved?

The new localisations for Update 50 and 51 are available for localisation now! If you fluently speak one of the aforementioned languages and want to help please read through this rundown of the Crowdin layout here then sign up and join the Foxhole project here.

Final Thoughts

We were overwhelmed by the dedication and cooperation that came from our localisers between update 49 and 50. We cannot thank you all enough for helping us localise the game and make it accessible to players around the world.


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