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Foxhole 0.0.19 Release Notes

New Content

  • New Vehicle: Half-track

  • An all-terrain armored vehicle used to support infantry during assaults

  • New Map: Callahan's Passage

  • A snowy region of the world filled with rocky and mountainous corridors

Gameplay Features & Changes

  • Transport Trucks can now be claimed by Coalitions

  • Transport Truck inventory is no longer lockable, by they follow requisition rules if claimed by a Coalition

  • The way that Technology Parts are obtained has changed

  • Technology Part Nodes no longer exist in the world

  • When salvaging parts from a Salvage Node, there is a very small chance for a Technology Part to be obtained

Game Balance

  • Vehicle Factory can now be upgraded to Technology Level 3

  • Field Artillery now requires Vehicle Factory Technology Level 3

  • Cost of Heavy Gate increased from 80 to 100 materials

  • Transport Truck has a tighter turn radius

  • Land Mine cost increased from 8 to 10

  • Land Mine damage increased by 280%

  • Land Mine damage radius increased by 160%

  • Grenade, Smoke Grenade, and Green Ash are now produced at the Armory instead of the Workshop

  • Grenade is now produced in stacks of 5 instead of 3

  • Green Ash production time reduced by 25%

  • Barracks initial Soldier Supply count reduced from 5 to 1

  • Workshop can now be upgraded to Technology Level 2

  • Satchel Charge now requires Workshop Technology Level 2

Other Changes

  • Players are now immediately alerted when new Mission Objectives are added to the map

  • Christmas event logic

  • Minimal support for community moderators

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that allows the Armory screen to be opened indefinitely, even after the player has left the area

  • Fixed bug that causes character aim animations to be incorrectly offset

  • Fixed bug that causes certain resolution settings to not apply

  • Fixed bug that causes audio settings to not apply


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