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Community Highlights 88

Hello Soldiers,

Today we take a moment to honour our beloved admin Sir, who for two years administrated our discord. His real life obligations have finally overtaken his duty to our discord, and so it is with a heavy heart that we bid him farewell (for now). We sincerely hope that he returns to us later, and that he is successful in all our future endeavors.

On a more personal level, Sir has been an incredible force for positive change in both our community, and in my life. He has performed as a fountain of both wisdom and knowledge, and has weathered more drama than any normal person should be required to. His absence will be deeply missed.

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Monday, May 18, 2020. Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible.




By: Barca

The man himself.


By: Sir Graveson

These are insanely good. Usually I'd put all the images from one author into a slideshow but these were too good I wanted to show each one independently.


By: Sir Graveson



By: Sir Graveson

I love it. This is exactly how I picture Umbral Wildwood in my mind.


By: luii

Hey i think a few guys have vandalized your tank there.


By: Sarcastic

Edelweiss.... it's a subtle reference. I like it.


By: Eagle

You're getting really good.


By: Mummy

God I need that armpatch. I want armpatches. Customizable armpatches.


By: Buk

Hello to you too, sir.


By: Valarag

I would love this.


By: Barca

Loving the art style. This image is, I think, an animation from a story by Lercas. Although im afraid I don't have it. I was just reading that in the comments.


By: Mummy

Ahem. GREEN cross medics. Copyright yo!


By: Deluxe Duck

Thank you.


By: Grim Reaper

The dichotomy of war. A medic... holding a pistol.


By: Northumbrian

Nice style. Cool hats!


By: Belkan Lord

Is this south of Allod's?


By: Primrose

This looks like one of those 50s animated cartoons.



By: I Saw A Bear

The one. The only. I Saw A Bear.


By: Duri89

I played in this one. It was an intensely close match. Thanks for the recap, Duri.


By: Qloos

Daisy-chaining cranes... hmmmmmmmmmmm....


By: Orbital_Gaming 14

I had a few people message me asking to expand the server size for deadlands just for this parade. This could have been bigger than what is shown here if not for the server limits.


By: Sunchips

This starts with just one person digging a trench, and ends with dozens on both teams contributing to this ridiculously huge and convoluted trenchline. If there is anyone who can mobilize so much goodwill for an event as pure as this, its Sunchips.


By: Red Donut

Battletank mortar snipe meta. Good or bad?


By: Maybar

You get a spot here because Caramel Dansen.


By: Trekker

There is some awesome tank battle footage in here. Shockingly little swearing.


Last time, I made a little comment about how I would change the reddit icon to a faction based on who won the last war. I'm not going to lie I was fairly sure nobody was reading anything I wrote in these. They just skipped over all the text to get to the artwork like the cartoon section at the back of a newspaper. So let's try an experiment. If you're still reading this, send a ping to Maybar66#0823 in Foxhole-discussion on the discord with the following text: "I'm a dirty little ringpop," and nothing else. Do not tell him why you sent it. Thanks.



By: Maybar


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