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Community Highlights 77

Hello Soldiers,

There's a cold chill creeping as the Dead Harvest settles in. Do you feel it? Notice how everyone has stopped using warm colours? It's all cold, dead, lifeless art posts. Maybe that's because the weather or because everyone's back to school and the depression at facing yet another school year has returned.


You know what's great? Not having school anymore. No class assignments. No overbearing teachers. Freedom. Yuuup! Nothing bad about being an adult. Nothing bad at all.

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Monday, Oct 07, 2019. Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible.




By: Red Donut For the record that's a vape. He's vaping. Anyone who says otherwise is trying to stir up shit. Don't let them stir up shit.


By: Mummy Mummy depicts one of the brave warden soldiers who gave their lives defending Viper Pit Fort (Videos below!)


By: Zurchin Absolutely incredible. I really want a set of all of these. Surely there's some kind of order process.


By: Berkley Toreno

Foxhole Wars. This is actually one of my favorite pieces this week. This image, by itself, looks like it could be a complete game.


By: Wren Thanks for using the mask on the background. You're the real hero.


By: Wren I love the simplicity of it.


By: Patchouli Amazing pixel art for inktober!


By: Big Mac Gaming :big_think:


By: Patchouli See what i'm saying about all our artists depicting cold things? It's not just me right?


By: PFC Edward I think this is Hell Let Loose. You traitor. You're not allowed to like more than one world-war-type game. That's not allowed.


By: Patchouli This is a great rendering of how I feel this morning.


By: mummy This dude giving the thumbs up looks condescending as heck. "Great job man, good work"--and doesn't look up from his desk. What an asshole.


By: Wren Boy I sure hope the undead eat these two traitors


By: Orangang This looks really cool. Imagine these baddies soaring above the battlescape... dayum that'd be cool.


By: mummy Yes. Yes they have.


By: sunny Buncha exploiters, I tell ya.


By: Liamboss01 PAY ATTENTION! --hehehehehe... suckers stuck in school.


By: puckeater Betcha bottom dollar this was done in school too. Buncha delinquents.


By: RusticSushi When/if we ever add planes we will need to redo our banner to something like this.


By: Shawn Confirmed; the wardens shop at Kate Spade.


By: Timberwolf I like it, but, really, do you think the gun is big enough?


By: mummy Except that one dude carrying the other dude. He doesn't need a medic.


By: Eagle18101 Standard military protocol: run into an open courtyard, stop, do a 360 check while standing completely in the open, then reconnect with your team. Good job private. You're ready for Laser tag.


By: Lotdog7682 Yesssss



By: Commander Rod, PressCorps The second episode of The Bureau of Occult Warfare! If you missed the first Episode, here it is.


By: Commander Rod, PressCorps The third and final episode. This is definitely my favorite one in the series. A lot of personalization that I think was missing from the first one.


By: Stefan Watch this. So you have some context for the later videos. It seems that this battle was the major event of the war, and the most highlighted thing in the community submissions.


By: Trash Man PROFANITY WARNING. Honestly, its just a guy swearing constantly and for no reason. Aahhh, Foxhole.


By: HanSolo1519 WORDS




By: Willy If you haven't hooked up with PressCorps, you definitely should. Stellar stuff.


By: Ingsoc I had to share this one with the rest of the team. It was fantastic. A complete battle report of the last-stand of the wardens at Viper Pit. Soldiers fighting on the ramparts, hiding in towers, all while the soldier supplies slowly dwindled. Really epic fight. Great Video.


By: Morocco And of course, it wouldn't be a highlight without a Fight Club video from Morocco


By: Marine Terran This is a strange fanfic. I miss the days when you made actual Foxhole videos :P


That's it for this week. It's actually been a pretty quiet few weeks. Usually there's a few community fires to put out to make me feel useful, but lately it's just been a lot of the same-old stuff. If someone could start some interesting drama, i'd appreciate it. Thanks.



By: Seal160


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