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Community Highlights 76

Hello Soldiers,

I'm going on vacation for a few days, so this one is a bit early. I'm getting in a canoe and paddling around in the back country as far away from you jerks as I can get without dropping off the edge of the world. And even then...

So enjoy this community highlights, because if I get killed by a Grizzly Bear, or caught in a torrential storm and drown, this'll be the last one you get. EVER. I've left instructions upon my death that upon my death community highlights should be forever cancelled, and all future artwork committed to a funeral pyre in my honour.

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Monday, Sept 23, 2019. Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible.




By: Zurchin

Everything is Awesome when you're Part of a team. Everything is Awesome!! When you're living a Warden dream.


By: Lercas

One of these days I'm going to dig up one of Lercas' first posts. Just so you can see the difference.


By: Big Mac Gaming

Someone's really missing the AFT.


By: Hardnailz

For real though, who stands like this? Like, when was the last time you can you you stood with your foot on a rock, looking away from the sunrise, when there wasn't a camera pointed at your face. Never, that's when. Guaranteed the most realistic picture is with a person's back-bent and crouching, leaning out over the ledge at the long fall down below.


By: Zurchin

Meow. Cats suck. Dogs better.


By: Insanity

You're supposed to be able to read that. For real. It's not some clever joke about someone getting quieter such that the audience can't read it. It's just a really, really tiny font for some reason. Godammit Insanity.


By: Insanity

His mustache is a warden emblem.


By: Insanity

His too. And he's wearing pants on his head.


War Story & Suggestion

Before the next war starts and our previous achievements are gone with the wind, I need to tell you the story of one of 54CVs most adventurous operations: Operation Waterway.

Featuring: 54CVs very own waterway2, wintercube, Kearny, LanceByNight, myself and 1 freighter as well as 3 barges, 2 armored cars and 1 crane. We were also later joined by Nicki upon landing and delivering the transported goods.

As you can tell by the name, Operation Waterway was maybe the most recent naval operation and at least the first, I was a part of. The initial idea was a quick supply of the front, to aid the infamous push towards The Drowned Vale on the 7th of September. Yes, there were many chokepoints and bridges on our way while we were going to maneuver deep into enemy territory. However we wanted to take the risk nonetheless and hoped for Callahan to shine his light upon us.

But at first it seemed that Callahans benediction was not ours. After loading up the freighter with 5 containers of shirts, bmats, storm rifles and ammo, as well as mounting the barges with the crane and two armored cars, we quickly encountered our first enemy: the mapchange.

Upon entering Marban Hollow, suddenly half of our crew vanished and on first sight it seemed like the operation had come to a sudden and deadly halt. However the missing crew members as well as their vehicles appeared after what had been a way too long parting. All their vehicles? Sadly no. One armored car is to be missed forever. Not yet did the members of the operation know that Callahan himself accepted it as an offering to grant save passage and brought success to the operation.

Finding a proper landing site was just the last of many obstacles to take on our way. Like unblocking blocked pathways and maneuvering safe while being way too close for comfort to enemy territory. Because the war raged on in The Drowned Vale, which was scouted by the brave LanceByNight, it was unsure for some time, where the operation would come to a close. It was a spirited decision to head for the shipyard in Sop Fields while The Wash was being taken and The Baths was still under colonial resistance who did not want to accept their faith. Upon entering the chokepoint of The Wash, we were greeted by our fellow Warden soldiers who raised the bridge, saluted and granted us passage. We salute you, too, sons of Callahan!

And so we arrived the shipyard of Sop Fields at the dead of night.

Upon arrival we were greeted and saluted by ASS, who brought by a flatbed which we fuelled and loaded with our crates. As The Baths had just been taken, we decided to immediately supply it. It took three tours for our goods as we later could lay hands on previously captured flatbeds to convoy them over the narrow paths of The Baths. With our last tour, we delivered three containers at once which we were greeted and saluted for.

Operation Waterway had now come to a close. And what a great success it was. Hail the Warden Army. Hail the Warden Heros that lost their lifes that day. Hail Callahan.

By: aberratio_ictus

I love a good logistics story. That's awesome. Water logistics is fun as heck!


By: MassholeMike

This amazing suggestion and accompanying artwork was done up on reddit. You can find the post by clicking here.



By: I Saw A Bear

Everything you need to know about update 29.


By: I Saw A Bear

Everything you need to know and more of our shenanigans at PAX


By: I Saw A Bear

The battle of Outwich Ranch raged for literal days. It swung back and forth all week. Its fall lead to the eventual fall of Ulster Falls itself.


By: Nemesis

I'm going to start linking this whenever people tell me the FMG is shit, hope that's OK.


By: Nemesis

A compilation of short videos showing Nemesis dying, conclusively proving that he does, in fact, die. Sometimes.


By: Nemesis

no ur bs.


By: HelpingHans

Hey, don't say we don't give equal


By: Marine Terran

This is the single greatest video I have ever watched. I'll see you all at the Memey's. The award show for memes. And if that isn't started yet it probably should be. Get Neil Patrick Harris to do the opening ceremony.


By: Skaj & Dima-113

What the hell. What the friggin hell.


By: Teto3

Anyone got some eye bleach? Anyone? Please.


By: Teto3

And now for some combat gameplay that's truly average. rekt.


By: Pie2

So you're just scrapping. No big deal. But you made sure you had a loaded AT rifle. JUST in case. 1000 IQ indeed.


By: Com783

The lack of party bus this war has been upsetting. I'm glad this exists.


By: Kaktus14

How he manages to slide out of prone every time, that's what I'd like to know. Someone showed me once, but man do I suck at it.


By: Leo

Ya. Maybe we should fix this........ Send me videos please.


By: Commander Rod

I freakin' love these. It makes me feel smurt because it's like reading a book without knowing how to read. And the voice acting is amazing.


By: CaptainInArms

Well Wolfie's wrong! He's wrong dammit! The greatest hope the Colonials have is KronusWinter.


By: Morocco

Full disclosure. This has happened to me before. Don't judge me.


By: Morocco

Rare footage of Morocco not punching people.


Alright, I bid you all adieu. Be nice to one another. Take care of each other. And no matter how hard it gets, remember that everything always looks better in the morning.



By: Qloos


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