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Community Highlights 74

Hello Soldiers,

FCL Season 4 has begun. Two matches are completed, with matches every saturday into the foreseeable future. I'm playing for a team called Salt & Pepper, so place your bets. We may have lost the first round, but we're headed to the finals. You heard it here first.

We're also headed to PAX this weekend. So if you are going and haven't yet contacted me, do so IMMEDIATELY. We'll be on the sixth floor, booth #6817.

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Monday, August 26, 2019. Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible.



Foxhole Competitive League - Season 4

By: Lord Metal

The FCL has officially begun. The first few matches kicked off over the past weekend. Be sure to check out the live streams of the qualifiers at these streamer channels:

And here is a video of one of the practice matches, by Helpinghans


This glorious practice round finish.



By: Rust

This was so real we thought it was from another game. Then we saw the petrol cans and knew it wasn't. Nicely done. Definite wallpaper material right here.


By: Souperior

More wallpaper material. Quick question though, who is shy 4ever?


By: Klaus von Reinherz & ZAYn0nDer

These aren't computer generated. Ok well they kind of were. They were 3d modelled by Zaynonder and then painted with scenery by Klaus. And now we have to think up a way to upstage this tank-destroyer model...


By: Pixlbab

Foxes in foxholes. A super cute depiction of 3 foxes about to die.


By: Mummy

This is actually just me whenever I get into the passenger seat of a motorcycle


By: Mulon

Satellite imagery of the Foxhole universe, as seen from space at night. I think.


By: Abstract Joey

I'm a little concerned at how modern these uniforms are. What year is this?!


By: Mummy

Where's the option to be a cat person?


By: Admiraljimmy

Solid work.

By: Skaj

I swear uniforms are coming. For real. They are. I mean it.


By: SaltyPanda

Perfect for our Foxhole SNES JRPG 8-bit port.


By: sdaf1e32's Little Brother

His little brother watches him play, and this is the result. I really hope he sees this.


Propaganda & Funny Stuff

By: Lisek

Only good gobbo is a dead gobbo


By: Padfoot

I'm guessing you can clean up that collie mark using bmats by constructing some cleaner fluid and shamwow. That's the only thing that makes sense to me in this universe.


By: Deluxe Duck

Deluxe duck would like you to take a look at his youtube channel here.


By: Marine Terran

This is a section of the much anticipated film by Marine Terran. Still waiting. Been waiting a LONG time Marine Terran. Come on dude.


By: LittleB

Nuke memes


By: Pie2

I for real didn't notice the sulfur on this. I thought this was just a picture of candy.


By: Pie2

Your art really rubber bands from excellent to terrible.


By: Lercas

Ahhh yes. Anti-grief mechanics at work!



By: I Saw A Bear

Update 28 video! Huzzah!


By: I Saw A Bear

Veritable proof that he did, in fact, see a bear.


By: I Saw A Bear

Those bushes are such bullshit...


By: Deluxe Duck

The first 20 seconds and the thumbnail makes you think these guys are sneaky breaky, commando-style badasses about to drop into enemy territory. But no. They're lost. They have no idea where they're going.


By: Red Cross

You're gonna get copyright stricken! But in seriousness this is pretty cool. A nice blend of real and animated.


By: Wr3n

Games done. Ship it. It's perfect.


By: Skaj

LOL. You know.... some of this is actually pretty damn cool. Not that we condone this kind of progression in Foxhole, but, it's actually kind of cool just to see it.


By: Kaktus

Better practice up for next game. Your ass is grass.


By: Morocco

I'm not sure what he's telling me to do exactly... but I'm gonna do it.


That's it from me. Hope to see many of you at PAX. Don't do anything stupid while i'm away. If anyone has any problems at all you can message Keragon. He knows everything. Holds all the keys. Don't piss him off or the whole thing goes nuclear.



By: Schambi

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Tomáš Ferdan
Aug 29, 2019

Oh great works guys! I like, that our Red Cross video is finally here, thanks!

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