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Community Highlights 56

Hello Soldiers,

This stuff is all well and good but we can tell from your content that you have been severely starved of exciting content in Foxhole to fuel your imaginations. Hopefully the devstream will have cured you of that. I'll expect to see plenty of imaginative renderings of our future 0.20 release in the next two community updates. And if not, you'd best let us know why, or i'll shelf all the cookies we had baked up for you all.

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Tuesday, Nov 13, 2018. Anything submitted after this date will be considered for the next post.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!



By: Богди

Another really great rendering of imagined Foxhole vehicles. Check out his art station here!


By: DerFloh111 (Klaus)

Different truck vehicle types! We've explored this concept in the past. There's also a great post on the reddit about modular vehicles. Cool stuff!


By: Red Donut

I love the civilian boat house. It's really amazing because we're doing that town revamp and we're always looking for new structures to help sell the locality of each town. This is a great idea!


By: Starwarss

This is how Foxhole becomes Team Fortress 2. It starts with the hats. Always the hats.


By: Hardnailz

But you won't. Hail Callahan!


By: Acquilius

Any of y'all seen any coloni-yalls 'round these here parts?


Funny Stuff

By: Leo

Now introducing Foxhole Immortal!


By: Legionforce

Where is Thea? Don't point.


By: Marenova

I actually had no idea WOSS had changed their name until I saw this. I know this is a joke but I'm actually really, really proud of them. The mod team has had many reports about this clan name but we trusted them to take it seriously and not do the real regiment any dishonour. Despite the name, they have always been a respectful bunch, possibly not understanding, or not agreeing with the negative connotation associated with the name. In the end they changed their name, not because anyone made them, but because they wanted to. And I think that's pretty damn great.


By: Bonglord420xx

What? I don't see the difference.


By: Thot Destroyer

Poor, forgotten fuel. Don't worry, our trucks will still consume you.


By: Insanity

Don't read the book. DON'T READ THE BOOK.


War Stories

Warden or Colonial, you are dupes!

This war, it has been presented to you, in both camps, not only as a defensive war, but as a struggle for the Right of Peoples, Justice, Freedom. Why ? Because we knew that not a worker, not a peasant in Caiova, not a worker, not a peasant in Farranac, would have given his blood for an offensive war, for a conquest of territories and markets!

You were made to believe that you were going to fight to crush the neighbor's military imperialism. As if all militarisms were not equal! As if bellicose nationalism had not, in recent years, as many partisans on Warden side as in Colonial side! As if, for years, the imperialisms of your two governments had not run the same risks of war! ... You are dupes! You were made to believe that you were going to defend your country against the criminal invasion of an aggressor, - while each of your staffs, Warden and Colonial, had studied for years with the same lack of shame, the means to be the first to unleash a blazing offensive! While, in your two armies, your leaders sought to secure the benefits of this "aggression" which they now denounce to the enemy, to justify to you the war they were preparing!

You are dupes! The best of you believe, in good faith, to sacrifice for the Rights of Peoples. Whereas neither the Peoples nor the Law have ever been taken into account, other than in official speeches! While none of the nations thrown into the war was consulted by a plebiscite! While you are all sent to death by the game of secret, ancient, arbitrary alliances, the content of which you did not know, and that none of you would have countersigned! ... You are all dupes! You, Warden dupes, thought you had to block the way to the Colonial invasion, to defend Civilization against the threat of Barbary. You, Colonials dupes, thought that the fate of the country was at stake, that it was necessary to save the national prosperity exposed to foreign greed. And all, Colonial or Warden, each on your side, likewise duped, you have believed in good faith that for you alone, this war was a "holy war"; and that it was necessary, without haggling, for patriotic love, to make to the honor of your nation, to the triumph of justice, the sacrifice of your happiness, of your liberty, of your life! Fooled! Played like a god damn Fiddle!

Contested, in a few days, by this factitious excitement that a shameless propaganda has finally communicated to you all who will be the victims, you have left, heroically, against each other, at the first call of this country that no real danger has ever threatened! Without understanding that, on both sides, you were the toys of your ruling classes! Without understanding that you were the stake of their combinations, the money they waste to satisfy their needs of domination and profit!

There is no “end of war” and never will be. As soon as it seems to be over, the war begins anew! You fight for the sole benefit of the ruling warmongerers and their ever consuming arms industry, living off your precious materials and natural resources!

Colonial! Warden!

Lay down your arms and stop the perpetual bloodshed! Stop the business!

By: PFCBannon

Not sure if joke..... or satire............


Notes, the Last Soldier of the Fox Clan: Defense of Westgate


Hello my name is Notes, some remember me, some do not, others don't remember my name but remembered my clan, whom thanks to my officers were glorified as tyrannical officers of the Colonial army. I was just promoted into Lietenant on the day World Conquest began and I was assigned to defend and fortify all of Westgate while most of the company left for Farranac. I sat in my barracks holding my clan's emblem, giving me all the nostalgia of the old days when the Fox Company became the spearhead of the Colonial army. Now does days are gone, my fellow brothers in arms had all left and most of those who were way talented than I am died for the Colonial army.

Death Threats from the Sea (Day 102nd)

The Forward Base of Operations in Inkwell was finished, established on the 50th day of our World Conquest and I began to get to work. Fox Company had managed to make its installment in Inkwell, a strategic road and the spearhead defense of westgate. The fall of this fort would mean the fall of all of Westgate's northern regions.

However developments did take long for Fox Company to finished their fortress because there's only one man on its unit, Lietenant Notes of the Fox Clan, Now Captain of its own Logistics and Head Pioneer of its bases. Of course I didn't usually had this role, I would do combat if I wanted to. It took 20 days for the base to be complete and supplies for the garrison were in.

When the Frontline of Farranac fell and when Callahan's Boot kept changing sides, I grew worried and Issued a one man operation to fortify the northern regions. Including the coastal areas spanning from Holdfast to Knights Edge. At the time The Warden Naval Forces threatened to invade but could not find the clearance to land because of the Fox Company's Installments in the beaches. Their scouts attempted to find alternative landing zones only to be gunned down by Fox Clan's unit.

Fortification of Gallows (Day 192)

There were demands, concerns by the other Colonial units situated in the region, while we have fully surpressed and say defeated the Warden Naval Forces lead by a warden who held the dog tag Alpmert, our pressing concern was to stage an attempt to retake Farranac lead by the Colonial Special Operations Unit in hopes to open a front and retake Victa. Fox company as of course couldn't come as they could not mobilize or allocate any of its men to aid in the assault. Only man man can do so much after all. So I met their entire company in Gallows and offered them a salute:

"I pray that you'd bring victory to the Colonial Army"

5 days later, we received reports that their attack had failed as wardens were lead by one the iconic mercenary soldiers, Drunkle "The Grand beard" who's ferocity rivaled that of Eric the Red.

The Armored Blitzkrieg of the Warden Army (Day 242)

Callahan's Boot was lost again and was retaken again on that same day the report came in. Gallows never looked so amazing but of course, The Pioneer of Fox company is an expert in engineering after all, plus credit to Captain Advendra and his crew for unlocking defense technology. With my deep concerns to look for survivors of the Special Unit, I grabbed my jeep, wore my gas mask, grabbed a set of Former Lt. Molly's Binoculars and a shotgun and scouted the hills.

Instead of seeing survivors, I saw... a huge armored division heading for westgate, 5? 7? 8?. Knowing time was of the essence, I traveled back with my jeep to warn my fellow Colonial brothers of this threat. After 3 long victories, were might be cut short of our streak this time around. On the way back, I found one of CSO's commanding officers: Grim Reaper in a bush, unconscious. Perhaps that blast radius 10 meters away had something to do with it. Either way I had to carry him back. After all... he used to be part of my company.

The Fall of Inkwell (Day 247)

It was dire news, while the threat was iminent, the Colonial Army couldn't allocate resources to defend other areas. We were outnumbered and it terms of legions, Wardens had 17-18 legions while the Colonial army only had 15 legions. Sadly they could not spare anymore men nor abandon their posts in other regions. I got Grim back safe but knowing that Killian Quarters be the first to be hit, I drove back only for it to be too late. A response unit finally arrived and instead of attacking they decided to hold Lord's Mouth instead. Sadly it was overwhelmed by enemy armor as the division left for heartlands. In the ruins of Lord's Mouth i taken down warden stranglers, 3 or 4? BUt I can't do anything about the town now that its gone. I have to return to Inkwell, that's where they'd strike next.

I received radio from 8 hours ago that a team has rallied to Inkwell's fort. but by the time I got there... I was the only man there. And warden Armored division was up close. Rummaging through my FOB, I only have a rocket launcher with only 12 shells. With no one else to defend Inkwell but FOX, I took a stand on one fo the wall bunkers and began shooting the tanks with rockets.

It was one clan in their fort, against 5 legions of wardens on the prow with nothing but tanks and warden auxillaries. One clan that only has one man. Inkwell was on the verge of collapse as I fired my last rocket, I disabled one Warden tank.

Fall of North Westgate: Aftermath? (Day 248)

I did remember, when General Hawkeye, Field Officer Kronos, Logistics Captain Molly, Lietenant Bruicy Juicy, Sir Aefian, Brocoli, Pioneer JRDsandstorm, Kriege and when Reaper was still in Fox Clan. We were the spearhead and the leading clan that lead Colonials to victory many times in the past, along with the UBGE and the BLD. Honestly I was picked by Fox because of my partisan feat that earned victory for Colonials in the Upper Heartlands. Former one of the legendary partisans of the colonial army that brought and stolen heartlands from the wardens whom now retired to logistics to becoming the surviving member of Fox clan, A name only known by my clan, an identity known only by them.

Pioneer JRD Sandstorm used to say: "We reach for the unreachable, this is why we choose you, this is what makes Fox Clan so great, it is what defines us and differentiate us from other clans. We risk our lives to anchor in the heat of war, others will follow."

Sadly, I could not uphold that value. I was always support, and served as a relief team for our offensive units. An auxillary main but nothing more or less. The field command abilities I once had in heartlands weren't there for me anymore, I wasn't the same when Fox Clan lost all its officers. I was not the same as them. I thought that maybe if I held Inkwell, I'd reanimate the moments of glory, to hold the line while my brothers regroup Fox used to do that in its glory days. They do and they did. I know and others know that too....

And so I made my final stand, in the rubble of the inkwell fort, by its destruction, the northern parts of westgate were fully taken. Nothing was left. On this day Fox company stood as other retreated to Longstone, it held the line for as long as they could, fought and brought fear into the armored division until thei last and only defender fell.

We who built it all, I who was its remnant, they who stood and fight without turning back. That was Fox Company... not a man named Notes.

By: Notes

This is in-credible. Just amazing. This is exactly the kind of story we always dreamed would be written when we began work on Foxhole. Real battles, real people, and real events all happening in one persistent world. One day we'd love it if something like this ended up in a newspaper, the likes of which we see for Eve Online, and their major battles. Thank you so much for this!



By: Mulon

This is incredible. I loved watching this. Annoyed by that time-jump though! I wanted to see how it went from what it was, to where it ended up!


By: Mulon

And here's the predecessor, showing the logistics!


By: Kastow

Argh... this is exactly the kind of thing we're going to be trying to prevent in 0.20. Buncha ninja jerks...


By: Razzoorr

I'm reserving my comment on this one. I haven't listened to it yet but I plan to.


By: Maybar66

Warden Tested. Warden Approved.


By: Jaywoosh

I don't see what went wrong there. Actually that's pretty clever to use the HE grenades to counter other halftracks. Pretty slick driving/grenade tossing.


By: Smokeage

This one act needed to be a video. A whole video. 10 seconds works fine but it should be 10 minutes long with commentary and eye-witness accounts. Excellent job. Well done. Keep it up, boys.


By: Smokeage



By: Bellvik

A late submission from the Dead Harvest event, but there it is!


By: Coolburn

Cool! A video on Fisherman's! Awesome!


By: I Saw A Bear

Man these Dead Harvest videos are still coming out. We can tell people really enjoyed this one...


By: ATGolden

I actually, just, can't... sometimes. I just can't.


By: Razzoorr

I loved this! I watched this in its entirety while I was sitting here doing some work. Great podcast. I wish it woul dbe a little more structured though. There were a lot of tangents and not a lot of form, but it was great to hear your opinions. Especially when you started talking about the town stuff. The critical analysis of Julian's drawings was fantastic. Please keep this series going.


As always, your work is an inspiration to us. Thank you all for your content. Keep it coming. If you want your work to be submitted to this highlight, post it in the discord in the #creative-streamplug channel, or on the reddit, or you can just send it to me in a direct message!



By: Nekron


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