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Community Highlights 15

After a week off, I'm back in the game! We have more players, more videos and an insane influx of amazing art from several of our players. Some really fantastic stuff here! On with the show!

Due to the high volume of creations, I have to curate the content displayed here. So if for some reason your creation was not included, and you would like to have it in the next post, please PM me on Discord and it will be considered for the next post.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!


concepts by Turboslav

female soldier by Tycoh

concepts by Lercas and Dukesalt

more concepts by Tycoh

Funny Videos

"He did what had to be done!" by Colin Fagan

by Stalltt

"Pure Cheese" by I Saw a Bear

Behind enemy lines by PhlyDaily

War Videos

UK vs USA game Highlights by The Spiffing Brit

1st PUG Artillery Corps on WW#23 by xThorGoldx

Sekrit Ops with the 42DR by Remlly

Raid on Lochan on WW#24 by I Saw a Bear


WW#24 Report - Colonial/PUG perspective by KrazyFlyinChicken

Update & Tutorial Video

Portuguese tutorial by Leo Freitas

Artillery tutorial by ModestlyAwesomeGaming

Beginner's guide by ConnMovieMakers

Combat Medic 101 by Stalltt

How to play Medic by ModestlyAwesomeGaming

DevBlog 16 - Read Thru & Discussion by ConnMovieMakers


Hot Quicktips v1 by Karpik

New Clans

So many new clans have formed these last 2 weeks. You shouldn't have a hard time finding some friends to play with!

We welcome to the fray...

  • Portus Cale

  • 11th Reaper Platoon

  • The 1st Warden Armored Division

  • The Filthy Few

  • 13th Infantry Regiment

  • Batallon Latino/Español

  • 2. Hungarian Army

  • 1st Platoon

  • Classified Retaliation UNIT

  • Aegis Private Defense

  • Whisky Tango Foxtrot

  • German Pioneer Platoon

  • Dingo Squad

  • Ultramarines

  • The RedDevils

  • The 666th Assault Regiment

  • 1ST Warden Recon Division

  • 5th SS Panzer Division 'Wiking'

  • The Metal Mercenaries

There are way too many new clans to describe them all in this blog post, so go check them out on our #clan-recruitment channel on discord.


by DrunkRussianBear

666th Assault Regiment Propoganda by Jeonsa Bak

APD clan emblem by Hammershield

Twitch Streamers

Other Foxhole streamers:



Vehicle ideas by Turboslav

radial communication menu by PotatoMcWhiskey


An interesting and well thought out suggestion regarding the vehicles by Dukesalt: LINK HERE

Fan written creations

The Quirky Company

by Janus

Chapter 6: Into the unknown

“Jesus Christ it’s dark in here.” Said a voice, it's accent cold.

“No shit Captain Obvious. Got any more incredible facts to point out?” Snarled another voice, it's tone casual.

“Quiet both of you! We have no idea if there are any more Collies around.” A harsh voice demanded.

“Yeah, well we can’t really tell with all the darkness around, now can we?” Casual one remarked.

“Corporal, care to give us some light?” The harsh voice asked.

A short silence followed. “How? Do I look like someone who has a flashlight on me?” No one could really tell. It was too fucking dark.

“Oh Mein Go… Private, improvise.”

No one could notice it but for a small moment, an unnaturally large grin appeared in the darkness. “...Ok” Private said.

For the next few seconds only the sound of rummaging through a backpack could be heard, until finally stopping. Suddenly, a shell has been chambered, a blinding flash and a thunderous boom.



“Crikey” Shouted a completely new voice.

A small fire erupted in the underground corridor, its light potent enough to finally show our heroes the complex they’ve entered. That image wasn’t what they’ve expected.


Read the full chapter six HERE

Interesting things

Seadee has a WIP whiteboard that you can use to create and edit maps. It's a neat idea that still has some kinks to be worked out, but there's a good starting point here. Check it out on our subreddit


old war photos by DrunkRussianBear

Funny Things

Warden's perspective of Deadlands Weekly War 1944 by Anti First !

Aliliel actually printed out the shirt design I showcased on CM#14! Looks awesome!


...and if you think that the fan-favorite wheelbarrow has taken a back seat for this one... think again. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The tiers of wheelbarrow by The Flying Dutchman

Wheelbarrow forces by That Random Dan

wheelbarrow races by Aliliel

HB signing out!

Who would have though that taking a week vacation would mean so many goodies when I got back? I wanted to give a shout out to our amazing group of veterans that are helping with organizing all the content you guys create. Without their hard work, this post would have taken twice as long to do!


wheelbarrow fun by Aliliel


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