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0.13 Release Notes

We will be rolling out the update to servers in stages in the next 24 hours. Servers that have not been updated yet will appear greyed out in the server browser. During the rollout period, you can still access the 0.12 client by switching to the "Update-0.12" branch on Steam via the "Betas" properties tab.​

Our goal is to continue to deliver regular content and features updates every 3-4 weeks. If you are enjoying these updates, please take the time to write us a review on Steam. Thanks for continuing to support the development of Foxhole.

Release Notes

New Content

  • New Weapon: AT Rifle

  • Anti armor weapon that deals Armor Piercing damage

  • Long Range, heavy encumbrance

  • Can only be fired while crouched/prone

  • New Item: 13.5mm Ammo

  • Ammo for the AT Rifle

  • World Conquest Map Extensions:

  • Heartlands (Map)

  • Upper Heartlands has been expanded into this larger map

  • Weathered Expanse (Map)

  • A large coastline has been added to this map

Gameplay Features & Changes

  • North-South Conquest:

  • Colonial/Warden Port Bases are now in the southern/northern 3 regions

  • Most victory towns have been relocated

  • Various map layouts have been tweaked to better support the new Conquest orientation

  • NOTE: This is still a work in progress and more balances changes to the maps will come with 0.14

  • New Spawn Point Rules:

  • Persistent Spawn Points across Conquest:

  • Spawn point is now preserved across border travel, which means that you can die after travelling and return to your previous Spawn Point regardless of which region it is in by selecting "Spawn At [Region]" from the death screen. We have modified some other rules to prevent "teleporting" without consuming a Soldier Supply.

  • Detailed Rules:

  • Spawn Point is no longer cleared after border travelling

  • Spawning at your assigned spawn point will always consume 1 Soldier Supply, regardless of if you died in that region and respawned or travelled from the Home Region

  • Spawn points are cleared when travelling from the Home Region to a region other than the one where your spawn point is set in

  • When travelling from the Home Region to the Conquest, a notification is now shown when you have consumed a Soldier Supply from spawning at a point OR if you fail to spawn due to insufficient Soldier Supplies

  • New Foliage Visibility Rules

  • Players inside blocking foliage (eg. bushes in Heartlands) will be able to see players outside of the foliage within a certain distance

  • Players inside foliage can see each other when standing at point blank range of each other

  • The aim indicator can no longer be used to "scan" for other players inside foliage

  • Resources can now be removed from the Refinery before all resources have completed refinement

  • When trying to unlock a Squad claimed vehicle, the name of the Squad is now shown

  • Entering the driver's seat of an enemy vehicle clears all Squad locks

  • Barracks are no longer limited to 5 spawn points

  • Bridges start destroyed on FC/DL/ES main center river

  • Commend Points are earned even after level cap has been reached

Game Balance

  • Destroyed Concrete Drawbridge can be crossed via swimming and climbing

  • Transport (Truck) health increased by 100%, but amount of damage required to disable it remains the same as before

  • Explosive Material Balance

  • Satchel Charge Explosive Material cost reduced from 125 to 60

  • RPG Explosive Material cost reduced from 125 to 75

  • Light Tank Ammo Explosive Material Ammo cost decreased from 120 to 100

  • Smoke Grenade production/assembly time reduced by 50%

  • Radio production / assemble time reduced by 60%

  • Shotgun effective range reduced by 5%

  • Storm Rifle Ammo encumbrance value reduced by 50%

  • Garrisoned House / Barn health increased by 20%

  • Tank Trap Refined Material cost reduced from 30 to 20

  • Light Utility Vehicle inventory capacity increased from 6 to 9

  • RPG has been relocated in the Conquest Tech Tree to after Half-Tracks

  • RPG damage increased by 30%

  • RPG Shell encumbrance increased by 225%

  • Westgate Keep Garrison Size can grow to 100

Other Changes

  • Foliage rendering and art has been drastically improved

  • Additional back end logic to help balance team populations in Conquest

  • "Give Feedback" button added to in-game menu

Bug Fixes

  • Soldier Supply Station shouldn't exist in the Deadlands

  • Squad Locks for vehicles affect both factions

  • Player character's shadow is rendered in spectate mode

  • Upgrading a base (Town Hall) clips into nearby structures

  • Players can shoot straight down over side of a cliff while prone

  • Westgate Keep shows garrison level but isn't upgradeable

  • Westgate Keep doesn't have an icon on the map

  • Cannot fire an SMG out of the back of an APC

  • Light Utility Vehicle radio detection works while on the move

  • Armoured Car had perfect accuracy in the forward direction

  • Armored cars starts a firing SFX sound for a second while being loaded off screen

  • Characters on vehicles are hidden when the vehicle is not (showing vehicles with invisible characters)

  • Barge stuck under dock at Endless Shore Q6 k7

  • Sulfur node at H1K6 on Farranac Coast doesn't spawn

  • Open map while aiming your weapon and it assumes you're placing a marker

  • A travel reservation notification was shown after returning from a skirmish

  • Players sometimes get damaged (and start bleeding) after falling from spawning at a base

  • Structures can be used to box in resource node spawns


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