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0.11 Release Notes

We will be rolling out the update to servers in stages in the next 24 hours. Servers that have not been updated yet will appear greyed out in the server browser. During the rollout period, you can still access the 0.10 client by switching to the "Update-0.10" branch on Steam via the "Betas" properties tab.​

New Content

  • New Skirmish Map: Reaching Trail

  • A few miles north of Mooring County lies The Reaching Trail, a rural village that built up around a mountainous path between Callum's Cape and the Reaching River

  • This map heavily features Trench Warfare and a unique asymmetric layout

  • Garrison Supplies (Different Function From Previous Implementation)

  • Highest Tech Item (unlocked after Light Tank and Tunnel Network)

  • Stockpiling this item at a Base will allow it's Garrison Size to grow at an accelerated rate

Gameplay Features & Changes

  • Supply Drops

  • Supply Drops containing weapons and equipment are earned at the end of each Skirmish

  • Size of Supply Drop determined by the outcome (win condition) of the skirmish and the number of players present at the end of the battle

  • Supply Drops are accumulated at the Shipping Facility on the Home Island and are shipped to the three Port Bases at the start of the Conquest and on a regular 8 hour interval afterwards

  • Skirmish Tech Trees

  • Skirmish maps now feature their own stand-alone Tech Trees that add a sense of progression and unpredictability

  • Skirmishes now have 5 possible outcomes:

  • Total Victory - Friendly side claimed all significant towns

  • Partial Victory - Friendly side claimed more significant towns than enemy

  • Total Defeat - Enemy claimed all significant towns

  • Partial Defeat - Enemy claimed more significant towns than friendly side

  • Stalemate - Friendly side and and enemy claimed an equal number of sigificant towns

Game Balance

  • Tech Part drop rate has been increased by 33%

  • Tech Tree has been adjusted so that most Items/Vehicles/Structures require more Tech Parts to be researched

  • Westgate: Win Condition Town has been moved from Lord's Mouth to Alchimio

  • Mortars no longer require Blueprints to produce

Other Changes

  • Skirmish Lobbies wait for enough players to join before starting to countdown (helps balance teams better)

  • Players can now play Skirmish battles while waiting in a Queue to enter Conquest

  • Travel reservation has been optimized to generally reduce wait times on Queues

  • Overall capacity of Conquest has been increased by 5-10%

  • Offline Characters (sleeping) will no longer be left behind on the Home Islands

  • Surrender mechanic is now enabled for Skirmish mode

  • Festival Game Modifier (enables some options for upcoming annual Foxhole Festival event)

Bug Fixes

  • Gun Turret no longer shoots through walls and other obstacles

  • Vehicle Blueprints can no longer be duplicated by destroying Build Sites

  • Client no longer crashes when pressing Q quickly while inside a vehicle

  • Bases can no longer be upgraded to T3 on rare occasion when they aren't in a significant town

  • Gunboats can no longer get onto land by region travelling from Farranac to neighbouring regions

  • Player is no longer stuck mid-air if player was mounted on a Howitzer when it was destroyed

  • Players can no longer carry 300+ Howitzer Shells without encumbrance by picking them up after a Howitzer is destroyed

  • Howitzer shots are no longer easily blocked by landscapes (making them hard to use against infantry)

  • When player has a stack of 100 equipped, equipping another item to that stack no longer causes you do lose the item

  • Vehicle no longer disappears when disconnecting from the Conquest servers in the middle of a travel

  • Travel screen Skirmish Pop up player population value is no longer incorreclty calculated at times

  • Fixed issue with passive defenses not getting connected by Bases when they are slightly far (but within range) of passive defenses

  • Client no longer crashes on rare occasion when selecting a faction

  • When Client version is mismatched with Server, "Lost Connection" error is no longer displayed

  • Skirmish instances that are running when Conquest isn't active no longer stall on occasion

  • Fixed rare Skirmish server crash

  • Grenade decals no longer get "attached" to players

  • It's no longer possible to add more than one mission objective to the map

  • Misc. map fixes


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