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0.18 Dev Branch Released


Dev Branch is an experimental build that contains bugs and unfinished features. Please read the TESTING NOTES below to get a feel for things in the build that are known to be missing OR broken.

How to get the build

  • Go to the BETAS tab on the Foxhole Steam Properties window and select "devbranch -".

  • Select the LOCAL FILES tab and click "Verify Integrity of game files...".

  • On the "Join War" screen, select "DevBranch" from the drop down at the top left corner of the screen


Please post any bug reports or feedback to the #development-branch channel on Discord. Do not report bugs that are already known issues. Release notes will be updated as new builds are applied to the branch. Thank you!

Testing Notes

  • Sniper Rifles & Ammo have been stockpiled at Port Bases for easy testing

  • Dead Harvest Event is not enabled in the Dev Branch

Release Notes

Note that these release notes are work in progress and may be missing certain changes

New Content

  • Sniper Rifle

  • A scoped, bolt action rifle with very high accuracy and damage. It takes a much longer time achieve a steady aim than most other small arms.

  • The Sniper Rifle is currently only available in Skirmish and Dead Harvest modes

  • 7.92mm Ammo

  • Standard ammunition for sniper rifles.

Dead Harvest Event

  • A special seasonal event where players can take control of the Undead! More details to come!

  • This feature will not be enabled in the Dev Branch

Gameplay Features and Changes

  • Collaborative Logistics (Factories & Resource Mines)

  • Under the production queue panel, any order can be marked as:

  • Private - only you can pick up your orders

  • Squad - anyone in your squad can pick up your orders

  • Team - anyone on your team can pick up your orders

  • Home Base rule changes

  • Home Base status is transferred to a Town Base if the current Home Base is a Fort

  • Town Bases are always prioritized over Forts when a new Home Base is assigned (after the old one is destroyed)

Game Balance

  • Switching seats has a longer delay

  • Shotgun encumbrance value increased by 100%

  • Shotgun effective range decreased by 10%

  • Pistol stability penalty from movement increased by 20%

  • Revolver stability penalty from movement increased by 15%

  • Garrison Supplies are now produced in crates

  • Garrison Supplies quantity per order has increased by 100%

  • Forward Base Small Garrison Facility cost decreased from 50 to 25 Upgrade Parts

  • Forward Base Large Garrison Facility cost decreased from 100 to 50 Upgrade Parts

  • Static Base Small Garrison Facility cost decreased from 100 to 50 Upgrade Parts

  • Static Base Large Garrison Facility cost decreased from 300 to 150 Upgrade Parts

Other Changes

  • Any UI screen that shows the Backpack contents now also shows the encumbrance

  • Fuel is now categorized under the Supplies tab on the Stockpile panel

  • Players are now removed from "Recent Voice" section of HUD player list if they leave the operation

  • SFX is now played when a player leaves or joins your operation

  • Storage Facility renamed to Storage Depot

  • Monument data is no longer downloaded every session, significantly reducing bandwidth consumption

Bug Fixes

  • Item count overflows when too many items of a specific type are stockpiled

  • Vehicles can shift to a position above the ground after exiting them

  • List of additional bug fixes coming soon!